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client: CBS     focus: Broadcast Graphics

Buddy Games is a brand new competition series on CBS, featuring contestants taking on wild outdoor challenges. King Penguin created the full broadcast graphics package for Buddy Games; developing a style that embodied the look and feel of a lakeside summer camp. Our team produced a logo resolve, wipes, bumpers, mortises and lower thirds to seamlessly work into the broadcast.

We also designed a leaderboard to help track the competition results. We wanted our graphics package to match the fun, comedic, and outdoorsy feel of the show, while enhancing the viewers' understanding of the competition.

Buddy Games graphics 1_small.jpg
Buddy Games graphics 3_small.jpg
Buddy Games graphics 2.png
Buddy Games graphics 5_small.jpg
Buddy Games graphics 7_small.jpg
Buddy Games graphics 8.png
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