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client: ESPN     focus: Segment Production

King Penguin has revamped and relaunched the Sport Science series with ESPN. After designing and animating graphics on the Emmy Award-Winning series, we have updated the graphics package and shifted to an emphasis on 3D graphics for the return of the beloved segments. We use 3D models as well as striking, techy 2D graphics to visualize complex scientific concepts in an understandable and entertaining way.

Beyond the graphics, King Penguin has taken on the entire creative process, developing these ideas from the research phase all the way through post-production. With these new-look segments, we’ll work with the Worldwide Leader to create breakdowns of your favorite athletes’ most prodigious skills, on the court, in the ring, or on the field.

ESPN Sport Science title graphic.


Morant SS_1.jpg
Morant SS_3.jpg
Donald SS_3.png
Donald SS_2.png
Ohtani Blog 7.jpg
Ohtani Blog 1.jpg
Ohtani Blog 2.jpg
ESPN Sport Science Connor Mcgregor graphic.
ESPN Sport Science Steph Curry graphic.
ESPN Sport Science Bruce Lee graphic.
ESPN Sport Science Bruce Lee graphic.
ESPN Sport Science Wilder graphic.
ESPN Sport Science Fury graphic.
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