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Tom Brady - SoFi

client: ESPN     focus: Segment Production

Tom Brady has had a storybook career. From a late-round pick to the Greatest of All Time, you really couldn’t write it any better. Having grown up watching Brady play with the Patriots, we were ecstatic when ESPN asked us to help out with graphics and animations for their latest piece on the Tampa Bay Quarterback.

head of Brady’s first game at SoFi Stadium, Chris Connelly authored “Oh the Places You’ll Throw,” a Dr. Seuss-inspired tribute to the record number of stadiums he has played in. A fun segment like this requires all elements to be in sync to really deliver, and we were thrilled to do our part to successfully bring it to life.

Brady_1 BLOG.jpg
Brady_3 BLOG.jpg
Brady_2 BLOG.jpg
Brady 4_BLOG.jpg
Brady Transition Blog.jpg
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