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Aon Risk Reward Challenge


This weekend, King Penguin jumped out of the Octagon and hit the links in Torrey Pines for the first part of an Aon ad campaign. The piece was exciting, because not only did it feature a sport we love, but we also got to work with VO from Jim Nantz, one of the most iconic sports voices around. We were responsible for post-producing and adding graphics to the piece, and while the process was a little bit different, we brought our usual King Penguin flair out onto the golf course.

For Aon’s Risk Reward Challenge campaign, we had to take a lot of big data and figure out how to show it visually. We essentially got into the head of the golfers, and tried to see the course through their eyes. How might someone teeing off try and visualize the fairway? Or deal with the sand traps? Our job was to use the data provided by Aon, coupled with the video work from In-House Creative Company, and create something that was visually appealing and easy to follow. The color-coded grid feels a bit like a video game, and the hot spots were straightforward enough for the audience to understand.

Our Torrey Pines piece was just the first in a series for Aon, so be on the lookout for more King Penguin work on PGA Tour broadcasts in the near future!


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