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Aon Risk Reward Challenge: Francesco Molinari

For one of our final segments for the Aon Risk Reward challenge, we took a closer look at the art of putting with Francesco Molinari. The piece, titled “Knowing Every Line” presented us with some unique challenges, but also gave us a lot of room to get creative around the green.

Unlike the other Aon player spotlights, which featured larger aspects of the course, we could focus solely on the short game with Molinari. This meant we had to find a number of different ways to show how he could read the green before a putt, so that the video wouldn’t get repetitive. Of course, given the name of the piece, we used a lot of grid-style graphics to demonstrate the lines all over the green. These were incorporated into multiple views of the green, as well as Molinari’s notebook, in an effort to demonstrate just how difficult nailing a putt can be.

King Penguin Aon Francesco Molinari Graphic

The biggest graphic element in the segment featured multiple projections of Molinari as he attempted putts from a variety of spots, utilizing his knowledge of the course to read all of the slopes and angles. It was a fun, visual way to show just how many situations golfers need to prepare for and consider as they step up to sink what, on TV, appears to be a pretty easy shot.

Throughout the Aon series, we had to attempt to visualize what might go through golfers’ minds as they take some of the biggest shots of a match. Whether it was a short putt or a long drive, one thing stayed constant: there was no reward without a little bit of risk.

King Penguin Aon Francesco Molinari Graphic

King Penguin Aon Francesco Molinari Graphic


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