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Aon Risk Reward Challenge: Riviera CC

As we hinted at with our Moodboard Monday this week, we've been working on some golf projects again. More specifically, we've reunited with Aon to help create videos for their Risk Reward Challenge. First up, we want to highlight a piece on the challenging 10th hole at Riviera Country Club, which hosted its annual tournament this past weekend.

Once again, we had the pleasure of working with Jim Nantz's voiceover, and it's always cool to "work with" a legend. But despite the great voiceover, we also had to make sure the story came across through the visuals. We utilized bold text, standard colors, and a lot of hot/cold zones to create a clear story on the screen. In this context, we used red to represent poor performance, and green to represent a positive success rate -- and then graded out the color scale between at range for our other zones on the course map. We set the standard in the first meter graphic, and then continued using that color palette throughout the rest of the video. As always, the piece relied heavily on overhead views of the course to most effectively tell the story and present the data.

We love both golf and sports analytics, so we're excited once again to have worked on this series with Aon. Stay tuned for more of the Risk Reward Challenge!


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