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Aon Risk Reward Challenge: Tony Finau

After all the work we put in on the Aon Risk Reward Challenge video series, we decided it was time to take a step back, and take a closer look at some of the player-specific videos we had a hand in creating for the campaign. Today, we’re breaking down “A Changing Wind with Tony Finau.”

Working on videos about a player’s mindset, skillset, and decision-making provided a set of challenges unique from the videos that broke down individual holes on the courses. Unlike our other Aon posts, this meant more close-ups, player voiceover, and graphics more in-tune with specific gameplay situations. For example, instead of hot zones on the course, we had a split-second to create a graphic for Tony Finau’s notepad. We wanted it to look scientific, but also had to get the point across in a flash, which meant bold red text and smaller HUD-style details.

King Penguin Aon Risk Reward Tony Finau

Our main graphics feature was for Finau’s wind calculation, and we wanted to have some fun with it. Sprinkling the club head numbers like they were blowing in the wind fit with the rest of the overdramatized effects from the edit and sound design. But also, it was a much more fun way to visually display the decision bouncing around in Finau’s head. A golfer dealing with changing wind speeds isn’t inherently interesting, but we had to find a way to make it fun, and do it clearly & quickly.

King Penguin Aon Risk Reward Challenge Tony Finau

Tony Finau wasn’t the only golfer that had to calculate Risk vs. Reward on the PGA Tour this year. Stay tuned for more breakdowns on our player-specific features for the Aon Risk Reward challenge!

King Penguin Aon Risk Reward Challenge Tony Finau


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