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Behind the Scenes: Game of Talents

In case you missed it, King Penguin is back on your TV screens! Fox debuted its new show Game of Talents last Wednesday night, and some of our graphics work made an appearance.

Wayne Brady presents King Penguin clue graphic for contestants
Courtesy: Fox

In the show, contestants guess the talents of mystery performers based on clues presented to them. King Penguin developed these clue packages for the show, working with writers and producers to create fun, visually appealing elements that delivered the right hints to the contestants. The visuals we created had to hint at several of the talents still left on the board, while still guiding contestants towards the right answer. We had to work to incorporate and visualize misdirects given to us by the writers without making the clues too overwhelming.

Contestants look over King Penguin clue graphic

We used programs like After Effects and Photoshop to make animations as well as place graphics over pre-shot footage and images, providing a wide variety of looks within the framework of the show. It was a fun challenge to flex our creative muscles while delivering on all of the show’s requirements.

Contestants look over King Penguin clue graphic

The first episode of Game of Talents is up online, and be sure to stay tuned every Wednesday to see more of the Wayne Brady-hosted show in action!

Contestants look over King Penguin clue graphic


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