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Behind the Scenes: King Penguin NFT Update

King Penguin NFTs Title Card

It's been a while, but King Penguin is officially back in the NFT game, and we wanted to catch you up to speed! Up until now, our NFTs have utilized different renders and animations of our logo, which we liked a lot. But now, we are expanding into new territory with animated versions of The King Penguin.

Utilizing both the Octane render engine as well as motion capture technology, we are bringing our avatar to life in a series of fun, relatable, and timely animations that will all be for sale. First up was our "Hard Work in Progress..." video, which features King Penguin doing an ab workout in his trademark tuxedo. For this series, we are utilizing both the Mixamo mocap library, as well as our own Rokoko motion capture suit, to tell new stories and expand our brand. So keep your eyes peeled for some new King Penguin NFTs, coming soon to a screen near you.


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