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Friday Five, Vol. 2

We're back for another round of Friday Five, and boy did we need it this week. 2021 got off to a rocky start, and just eight days in it's pretty safe to say most New Year's Resolutions are already off the table. This week's Five helped us take a step back and get through the week, and hopefully they can bring you guys a bit of joy, comfort, and relaxation, too.


Anderson .Paak - Cut Em In

We were looking to kick off the new year on a high note this week, and Anderson .Paak’s celebratory “Cut Em In” felt like just the right jam to have on repeat -- especially with the music video playing on loop in the background. The video starts off with a comedy sketch that feels right out of Key and Peele, and the entertainment factor stays high throughout. AP and collaborator Rick Ross throw a dance party throughout a high school on the last day of class, and the visuals combined with the cool beat and lyrics set a mood we are aspiring to match in 2021. Finally, the song ends with a bang, with Anderson jamming out with a marching band. It adds a cool sound to the end, but more importantly, a bunch of marching band kids got to jam out with a Grammy-winning artist, which feels like the dopest part of all.

Courtesy: Anderson .Paak


What’s the most creative way to get around a defender on the football field? According to Alabama running back Najee Harris, it’s probably going over him. If there was a moment from college football that blew up your group chat from the CFP semis, there is little doubt it was a highlight of Harris hurdling a helpless Notre Dame defender. It was the type of moment that gets you off your couch and has you yelling “oh shit” at the TV, even if you weren’t rooting for either team. It didn’t matter how many replays they showed, the play just got more and more absurd. Alabama’s offense is loaded this year, and one of Harris’s teammates won the Heisman Trophy, so it takes a lot to stand out. But man oh man, that Harris play stands out. Hopefully we can all leap into 2021, Najee Harris-style.



Courtesy: Pixar/Disney+

Groundbreaking animation? Check. Fantastic music? Check. A story that will make grown adults laugh, cry, and reexamine their lives? Also check. Pixar has done it again with its new release, Soul, a movie that has had everyone in their feelings the last couple weeks. Soul is far and away Pixar’s most mature movie, as it takes an existential look at passion and purpose in life, something that hits even harder during the pandemic. Visually, Soul is stunning, which is obviously no surprise. It brings New York City to life with incredible specificity, and the eye-popping blues in the “Great Before” help to set the mood and enhance the storytelling. The style reminded us of an artist we love, Justin Bua, and I guess we weren’t the only ones. The movie also managed to set NBA Twitter ablaze with a stray shot at the New York Knicks. All in all, it’s a good time to pop some popcorn, grab a box of tissues, and prepare to get emotional for the new Pixar hit.

Courtesy: Pixar/Disney+


Have you ever wanted to watch Michael Jordan teach Wayne Gretzky how to knock down a jumper? Or watch the Great One give lessons to Mike on the ice? Well, motorsports fans got that experience when Valentino Rossi and Lewis Hamilton decided to switch rides for the day. It’s incredible to watch two legends step outside of their comfort zones, and even more incredible to see how quickly they manage to pick up each other’s sports. Hamilton and Rossi were both great teachers and students, and their constant quest to experience new things was on full display in this video. It’s inspiring to see two stars, at the top of their respective sports, keep pushing themselves even further. That energy is definitely something that we can all take into 2021.



Step inside a time machine and take a vacation to simpler, sunnier, and radder times with Nostalgia Killer on Instagram. The NK account is one of our favorites on the app, as it is a great collection of vintage photos of cars, actors, tropical paradises, and ski chateaus. If the visuals alone don’t give you enough vacation vibes to get you through to Friday at 5, there are also Nostalgia Killer playlists to soundtrack your descent into total relaxation. Everyone could use some good views, good drinks, good times, and while we’re all stuck at home, this account brings it all to your phone. So sit back, crack a beverage, and ask yourself: What Would Steve McQueen do?

Courtesy: Nostalgia Killer


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