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Friday Five, Vol. 21

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It might be the weather, the upcoming calendar flip, or just the fact that we can see our friends again, but we had the good vibes cranked all the way up this week. Whether you're into skating, racing, stand-up comedy, or just hanging out with a drink in your hand, Friday Five has got you covered. Everything on this list should put you in a good mood this weekend, and we'd recommend checking it all out.


North Hollywood

For the second straight week, we’re kicking things off with an indie movie featuring Vince Vaughn! While he isn’t the star of North Hollywood, Vaughn’s part is one of the many reasons that we really enjoyed this directorial debut from Mikey Alfred. The director is probably best known for starting the skate brand Illegal Civ, and after working as a producer on Jonah Hill’s fantastic Mid-90’s, Alfred decided to add his own entry into the skate movie genre. North Hollywood has a cool, stripped-down story and feel, really honing in on what it is like to be both a teenager and an up-and-coming skater. Visually, it is super interesting from the start, with a bright red and yellow title card that seems to define the movie’s vibe. The cast is great, featuring known performers like Vaughn and Miranda Cosgrove, as well as up-and-comers like skaters/actors Ryder McLaughlin and Nico Hiraga. There are elements of a father-son drama, a romantic comedy, classic coming-of-age anxieties, and plenty of juvenile humor peppered in. And maybe coolest of all, after struggling to find a distributor for the movie, Alfred set out on his own to make sure he could get it out to the world. We’ve been anxiously waiting for North Hollywood since the first trailer dropped, especially with all the distribution uncertainty, and so it’s exciting to see it finally make it to the screen.

King Penguin Friday Five North Hollywood Movie
Courtesy: Illegal Civ


For the last month or so, Jean Smart has been stealing scenes and adding an exceptional amount of (much-needed) humor to the HBO drama Mare of Easttown. Now, she’s leading her own show in the brand-new comedy series Hacks. Smart plays an aging stand-up comedian who’s forced to hire a millennial to help write new jokes, and while there have been a bunch of recent shows about stand-up comedy, this one feels different. That’s partly because it takes place in Vegas instead of New York or LA -- but it’s a very different Las Vegas from the one we know! The creators of Hacks have also written on or created some of the 21st century’s best comedies, including Parks and Recreation and Broad City, so the episodes are (as expected) jam-packed with jokes. It’s sharp, bitter, and often laugh-out-loud funny, and while we would have loved to binge it all at once, it’s only airing once a week. So if you’re looking for a laugh this weekend, head over to HBOMax and queue up some Jean Smart.

King Penguin Friday Five HBO Hacks
Courtesy: HBOMax

Monaco Grand Prix

Sports fans won’t struggle to find something to watch this weekend, as the NBA and NHL Playoffs have both kicked off, and the PGA Championship is in full swing. As exciting as all those might be, however, many eyes in the sports world will be on the racetrack. Formula 1’s biggest race, the Monaco Grand Prix, returns this weekend after being canceled last year due to COVID. The stakes are high, and the action on the challenging track will be thrilling. And while the racing is great, the off-the-track activities might be just as exciting. The Monaco Grand Prix has become a playground for the uber-wealthy, like a souped-up version of The Kentucky Derby. Famous people come from all over to watch on their yachts, and you end up getting moments like Tom Brady throwing a pass between boats. Come for the racing action, stay for the people-watching, and you won’t be disappointed by Monaco this weekend.

King Penguin Friday Five Formula One Monaco Grand Prix
Courtesy: Formula 1

Viceroy - "1999"

Our summer playlist is really starting to come together, and this week we added in a nostalgic, sunny day jam from Viceroy. “1999” kicks off with a bright, jazzy piano and trumpet intro, before the beat kicks in to really get things going. The song is incredibly upbeat and joyful, and Brandyn Burnette’s vocals match the vibe perfectly, whether he’s singing about partying or referencing 90’s icons like Kobe and Tony Hawk. There’s a calm, cool, soulfulness underneath the whole song, but the beat and the horns are so infectious that you won’t be able to help taking a dance break. Viceroy perfectly captures the essence of a summer song, and while “1999” will probably help you get through the work day, it’s meant to be blasted while you’re hanging out on a beach or day-drinking with friends.


Rafael Serra

Sometimes, we just want to see simple, clean, pleasant artwork on our Instagram feeds, and that is exactly what we got by following Rafael Serra’s account. Serra designs type and lettering, so his account is full of really interesting fonts, often in the form of logo redesigns. He takes and remakes classic logos from well-known brands, like Apple and Nike, and makes them feel like art instead of packaging. There are bright colors and

clean lines, and a deep dive through the account can be soothing as well as inspiring. Recently, Serra worked on a project where he made designs inspired solely by the letters of the alphabet and single digit numbers, and ended up with 36 really cool pieces of art. You probably didn’t start off the day expecting to follow a typography account on Instagram, but we couldn’t recommend it more.


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