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Friday Five, Vol. 3

Well, we made it through another week. It's still cold, we're still locked down, and we are still back with another Friday Five. As you unwind from the week, kick back and enjoy the music, shows, and awesome sports jerseys that helped us keep up some positive vibes during the 2021 chaos.


Jordan Rakei - Origin

Jordan Rakei’s “Origin” is an album for any occasion. We can bump it while trying to focus on work, relaxing with a drink, taking a walk around the neighborhood, or cooking a meal. It’s very trancey, and brings an upbeat vibe to any situation. The beats are really unique and interesting, and the different instrumentation throughout the album is very cool. "Mad World" stands out specifically, and this studio video takes an awesome behind-the-scenes look into song construction. You can see how each different sound is added in, and how the intro to the song is built with the piano, clapping, and blending of voices. If you’re trying to find some new music, this is what we’ve had on repeat all week.


David Ehrlich's Top 25 Movies of 2020

Indiewire film critic David Ehrlich puts together a video countdown of his Top 25 favorite films every year, and the 2020 edition is the coolest thing we saw on the internet all week. The intro alone is a movie-lover’s fever dream, very effectively set to the Talking Heads. There are killer music choices throughout the piece, and the frenetic editing style makes the 15-minute runtime go by in a breeze. The countdown served as a reminder of movies we saw in a very strange year, especially without movie theaters, and was an incredible advertisement for the ones we might have missed. Not to mention, this year’s video (which was directed by the legendary Robert Zemeckis) raised $10,000 for charity. In case the 2020 video isn’t enough, you can do what we did, and dive down the rabbit hole of Ehrlich’s past countdowns. Just be ready to waste an hour or two.


Miami Heat "ViceVersa" Jerseys

Courtesy: Miami Heat

No team has taken advantage of the NBA “City Edition” jerseys quite like the Miami Heat. Inspired by Miami Vice, the Heat have developed the coolest visual identity in the game, and now they just debuted the final version of the campaign. The bright pink and blue color scheme has stood out over the last few years, and this season’s “ViceVersa” jerseys upped the ante with a gradient that plays off the Heat’s past looks. They even incorporated the Miami Vice design into their home court! Some teams have the tendency to play it safe with their jerseys, so it has been awesome to watch the Heat constantly push the boundaries, and this feels like a fitting end to a legendary run.

Courtesy: Miami Heat

The Talking Heads

I guess we were missing live shows a little bit extra this week, because we took a deep dive on the masters of the concert film: The Talking Heads. The band’s music is eccentric, super upbeat, emotional, and at times just plain weird. Their filmed performances match that energy completely. Stop Making Sense, directed by Oscar-Winner Jonathan Demme, feels like a typical live show, but evolves into something more with wild backgrounds, dances, and exciting camerawork. Frontman David Byrne’s American Utopia, which is a filmed version of a Broadway show, was a critically-acclaimed 2020 release directed by Spike Lee. American Utopia is definitely a bit bizarre, but it’s high-energy with awesome music and set design, and it’s great just to see a crowd react to such a kinetic performance. If you’re looking for that live concert endorphin rush, dive into The Talking Heads.



Have you ever wondered what it would be like if all the kids on The OC learned karate? Well, welcome to Cobra Kai. The series, which is an extension of the Karate Kid movies, has been leaning into the over-the-top premise of the film since the first episode. But Season 3 takes it to new heights. It’s drenched in cheesy 80’s nostalgia, is chock full of flashbacks to the movies, and features more ridiculous karate battles than you can imagine. The universe is pretty absurd, but there’s a reason the show has been trending in the Top 10 on Netflix since the new season dropped. It is a perfect popcorn show, just begging to be binged while we are all stuck inside. So turn it on, buckle up, and be prepared to watch a bunch of high schoolers fight for the Heart of the San Fernando Valley.

Courtesy: Netflix


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