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Friday Five, Vol. 30

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Hang loose! It's the 30th edition (!!!) of Friday Five, and we are celebrating with some surfing, some disco, and some great comedy. If that doesn't sound good to you, you're probably in the wrong place! So sit back, pour a drink, and enjoy some of our favorites from the week.


100 Foot Wave

Few things say “summer” quite like a day spent catching waves at the beach (or, if you’re like us, watching other people catch waves.) HBO’s new docuseries 100 Foot Wave takes a closer look at the more extreme version of that chill summertime activity. Garrett McNamara is one of the greatest big wave surfers in the world, and he has made it his life goal to ride the biggest wave ever: A supposed 100 foot break in Nazare, Portugal. The six-part series covers the last 10 or so years of McNamara’s life, as he put together a team in pursuit of the ultimate thrill. The waves are so massive, and so far out, that they require a tow from a jet ski to get started and drop in. Only the first episode has been released so far, but it is already very gnarly. All the surfers involved seem to realize that they are putting their lives on the line every time they are out in the surf, and we can guarantee you’ll breathlessly be watching along every time McNamara drops in.

King Penguin Friday Five 100 Foot Wave
Courtesy: HBOMax

Point Break

We’ll stay with the radical surf theme for our next selection, but we’ll veer into the world of fiction. Last week was the 30-year anniversary of the classic action movie Point Break, so we had to watch to celebrate. The combination of a young Keanu Reeves with in-his-prime Patrick Swayze is always incredible to watch, and Gary Busey and Lori Petty add a ton to the movie as well. There are just so many iconic moments! There’s surfing, beach football, skydiving, and bank-robbing -- what more could you ask for? While Point Break definitely veers into the absurd, it also has a ton of heart, and at the end of the day is all about following your passion and living life to the fullest. And on top of all of that, it kicked off the career of Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow! So if you’re trying to escape the heat this weekend, head into the surf with Bodhi and Johnny Utah. Vaya con dios!

King Penguin Friday Five Point Break
Courtesy: HBOMax

Foo Fighters - Dee Gees/Hail Satin

We could all use something to loosen us up a bit, and this week, the Foo Fighters delivered with a brand new sound: Disco! Dave Grohl’s group - going by the tongue and cheek “Dee Gees” for this album - dropped a short collection of Bee Gees covers that sound pretty great. The second half of the album features live studio tracks from their latest album, so you still get a taste of the Foo Fighters’ usual sound, too. “Hail Satin” was allegedly inspired by the HBO Bee Gees documentary (which we also recommend), but whatever the story, we’re just happy we get to hear Dave Grohl belt out “Night Fever.” We’ll always be in favor of one legendary group covering another. So take a break from your emails, hop up from your desk, and get ready to boogie!


Ted Lasso Season 2

The biggest comedy breakthrough of 2020 is finally back, and it can’t come soon enough! Ted Lasso Season 2 premiers today, and people are very excited. The heartfelt, upbeat comedy gained a ton of steam over the course of the last year, as people needed something uplifting. It’s sharp and funny at times, but it’s also one of the most pure-hearted comedies we’ve seen in a long time. Jason Sudeikis stars as Lasso, the American football coach tasked with turning around the Premier League’s AFC Richmond, and he plays the role to perfection. The former Saturday Night Live star has cleaned up at awards shows for his performance, and deservedly so. It feels like every week, someone new discovers the show, and triggers a new wave of internet adoration. If you haven’t watched yet, it’s not too late! Just a warning, once you start the show, you won’t be able to stop -- until you run out of episodes.

King Penguin Friday Five Ted Lasso
Courtesy: Apple TV+


We don’t really have the words to describe JAMBINAI’s NPR Tiny Desk performance, but we had to bring it to your attention. The South Korean rock group put on a mind-blowing display for NPR, with maybe the best set and production design we’ve seen since they started their home series. The group starts off in front of a replica of the NPR set, but the backdrop quickly changes to digital displays of huge waves and the Northern Lights. Musically, JAMBINAI plays a blend of metal, rock, and traditional Korean music, which admittedly might not be for everyone. But we still think you need to watch the performance, if only for the visuals. The backgrounds change and flow with the themes of the music, and it’s really cool to just be exposed to a performance like this from the comfort of our own couch. We’ve included a few different Tiny Desks in previous Friday Fives, and this one is right up there with the best of them.

King Penguin Friday Five JAMINBAI
Courtesy: NPR


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