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Friday Five, Vol. 7

Super Bowl hangovers looked a little different this year, but that doesn't mean everything didn't feel a little slow this week. At the very least, it took some time to recover after the halftime show. Friday Five, Vol. 7 features the things we turned to when we needed a little extra juice -- maybe they'll come in handy to energize your weekend, too.


Gang Of Youths - Let Me Down Easy

Gang of Youths have a pretty wide ranging sound that provides plenty of surprises when you’re listening through their album Go Farther In Lightness. You get alt rock, ballads, strings -- pretty much every sound you could want. While the whole album is great, we have specifically been playing “Let Me Down Easy” on repeat this week. Musically, it’s pretty peppy and upbeat, with driving drums and a bassline that makes you bop your head. The lyrics are a little bit heavier, but there is still a frequent refrain of “don’t stop believing, in truth, grace, and grieving” that seems to find positivity in a dark moment. The song, whether it’s background music for working, walking around your neighborhood, or pretty much any other activity you can think of, is equal parts propulsive and soothing, helping to keep you moving onward and upward. If you’re looking for some tunes that are interesting and a little off the beaten path this weekend, Gang of Youths has you covered.


Ryan Reynolds Mixology Promo

In all of the hubbub over Super Bowl commercials, it may have been easy to miss Ryan Reynolds dropping yet another hilarious promo for his Aviation Gin. He teamed up with fellow “mixologists” David Beckham and Diddy to promote their liquor brands by reminding folks that even celebrities have had to become their own bartenders during COVID. The result? A terrific ad about how everyone, even the rich and famous, can’t figure out how to mix their own drinks. It should come as no surprise that the Deadpool star keeps turning out exciting promos, but we can still appreciate a commercial that makes us laugh, as well as donates proceeds to worthy causes.

Courtesy: Ryan Reynolds


Steph Curry Circus Shots

After missing most of last season, I think we all forgot just how good Stephen Curry is at basketball. The Golden State Warriors star is probably the best shooter to ever live, and has made a career of going absolutely nuclear on the basketball court. Now, having fully recovered from his injury, Steph is back, and is up to his old tricks. This layup against San Antonio on Tuesday night was as comical as it was impressive. The body control, the ability, the audacity to even attempt it -- truly a circus layup for the ages. But that wasn’t the only highlight of his we couldn’t stop watching this week. He also hit a three after dribbling circles around the Spurs over the weekend that was downright disrespectful. And all of that came after dropping 57 points and hitting from absolutely everywhere against the Dallas Mavericks. Whether you love or hate the Warriors, it’s tough not to enjoy a wildly confident and creative Stephen Curry at the peak of his powers.


Song Exploder

Have you ever heard a song, and wondered exactly what the artist’s thought process was? Look no further than Netflix’s Song Exploder. Based on a hit podcast, this short documentary series takes deep dives into the creation of popular songs. Bands from Dua Lipa to Nine Inch Nails to The Killers step up to detail how chord progressions, lyrics, and bridges came to be. The series is well shot, and uses graphics to further the story. It’s also super interesting to see how individual instruments and vocal tracks are added in and layered to create the songs that we play on repeat. Ever wonder why “When You Were Young” heavily features a guitar instead of a keyboard? Now you can find the answer. There are only eight episodes out right now, which makes for a super easy weekend binge.

Courtesy: Netflix

Leo P

The baritone sax isn’t the sexiest instrument on the planet. Well, maybe it is, but certainly it isn’t the most well known. Leo P seeks to change all that. If you had to take a guess at Leo P’s profession based on his appearance, you might guess Fortnite Streamer or DJ or mumblecore rapper. While all would be good guesses, they’d be incorrect. Instead, the pink-haired saxophone player wows audiences with truly entertaining performances on the bari sax, dancing and squeaking and owning the stage. The music is good, but it’s the performance aspect that earns Leo P a spot on this list. He got his start entertaining crowds in the New York Subway with the Lucky Chops and Too Many Zooz, and the performances got even more electric once they were put on stage. Leop P’s videos are truly captivating, and you don’t want to look away while he’s up doing his thing. Just in this clip, he goes so hard on Charles Mingus’s “Moanin’” that you can’t help but wonder if he’s about to collapse on the stage. Even if jazz isn’t your thing, we think you can find some sense of pure joy in Leo P’s performances.


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