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Friday Five, Vol. 73

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This week's Friday Five kicks off with not one, but two masters of their crafts. After taking a deep dive into George Carlin and Kendrick Lamar's work, Volume 73 features some of the usual classics -- solid grooves, great design, and bingeworthy television. So dive in and enjoy the hits that inspired us through the work week.


George Carlin's American Dream

Few people are as obsessed with stand-up comedy as Judd Apatow, and while he'll always be known for iconic movies like 40-Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up, the director has channeled that obsession into the documentary space the last few years. This week, his film on legendary stand-up George Carlin hits HBO, and we can't wait to check it out. Carlin is one of our favorite all-time comedians, and he's definitely one of the greatest to ever take the stage. Apatow got an absolute muderer's row of comedians to give interviews for George Carlin's American Dream, documenting the career and impact of Carlin's time on the stage. The comedian was a true master of his craft, and constantly reinvented himself and his act to keep with the times. He was smart, funny, and truly a rockstar of the stand-up scene. And how can you not laugh at his "7 Dirty Words" bit? Tune into HBO this weekend to learn how Carlin mastered his craft and changed an art-form -- we know we will!

King Penguin Friday Five George Carlin
Courtesy: HBO

Kendrick Lamar - Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers

Speaking of masters of their craft, this week also gave us a new album from one of the greatest artists still working today -- Kendrick Lamar. Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers is much darker than the art (especially the music) that we usually highlight as part of the Friday Five, but when Kendrick drops an album, you've gotta talk about it. Maybe the coolest thing about the whole project is that it came seemingly out of nowhere. No singles, no sneak peaks -- we just woke up last Friday to a brand new album from one of (if not the) the greatest rappers alive. While we wouldn't expect anything less from the Pulitzer Prize winning artist, Kendrick dove into some real heavy topics on this album, from social issues to family trauma. Of course, he did so in his iconic lyrical style with killer beats and synths underneath, turning his pain and inspiration into a remarkable top-to-bottom album. "N95," "Mr. Morale" and "Mother I Sober" stood out on the album as tracks that really successfully combined themes and musical composition, but we're sure we'll keep finding new things each time we listen through the album. While it might not be on any summertime playlists, new Kendrick will always be worth a listen.


The Black Keys - Dropout Boogie

If you're looking for a bit more of an upbeat album to blast while finishing up your work week or cruising around in the sun, we'll point you in the direction of the new Black Keys album, Dropout Boogie. The album kicks off with "Wild Child," probably our favorite song on the album, and just keeps the pedal to the metal throughout. Dropout Boogie features the Black Keys' iconic sound, with the distorted guitars, heavy drums, and familiar sounding vocals. But, as the old saying goes, if it's not broke, don't fix it. It's a thoroughly entertaining album, and one we'll definitely be able to play on repeat as the weather gets warmer. We love some good guitar riffs, and Dropout Boogie has more than enough to keep us satisfied. The Keys also prove that they can still slow it down when needed, as "How Long" brings the volume down a bit, without losing the overall groove of the album. If you're looking for a little rock to boogie to this weekend, Dropout Boogie definitely checks off those boxes.


Aaron Slater

We're always looking for ways to make our Instagram feeds brighter and more aesthetically interesting, and our addition to our feed this week is Aaron Slater. Slater's work leans into neon and rainbow color palettes, and provides a great pop of color whenever we scroll past it. There are also a bunch of themes pretty consistent through Slater's work that we find interesting -- there are beaches, lots of futuristic designs, references to outer space, and some great throwbacks. There's truly something for everyone. The piece that caught our eyes this week, "Countach Nights" gives off some serious Miami Vice vibes, and then we went down the rabbit hole of his account. Looking for NBA Jam, but in outer space? He's got it. How about a bridge overlooking the earth? It's there, too. If you're looking for some interesting new art to break up your endless scrolling, we recommend giving Slater a follow.


The Lincoln Lawyer

In the endless churn of remakes and reboots, shows based on long-running book series have become a pretty safe bet. The latest iteration is Netflix's reboot of The Lincoln Lawyer. Like Reacher earlier in the year, Netflix took a big blockbuster movie, removed the star (or stars), and turned it into a series. The Lincoln Lawyer is based on a series of legal thrillers, and while the Netflix show doesn't have Matthew McConaughey or Marisa Tomei, it still looks like a really great series, and we still love the premise. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo steps into the role of Mickey Haller, the hotshot attorney who runs his practice out of a Lincoln, constantly staying on the move. The series follows Haller on another one of his cases, which inevitably devolves into violence and intrigue. We love a good legal thriller, and the movie already proved that the books are great source material -- so hopefully the show lives up to its reputation!

King Penguin Friday Five Lincoln Lawyer
Courtesy: Netflix


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