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Friday Five, Vol. 9

It's Friday once again, and this week we have something special planned for our Friday Five. Volume 9 is all about the music we've been jamming out to lately. We're giving you an album for every day of the week, to make sure all your moods are covered!


Monday - Henry + The Invisibles, Musaic

For our Monday music selections, we typically aim for something a little on the quieter side, but that can still give us a little boost to get the week jump started. Enter Henry + The Invisibles. Musaic has almost a lo-fi feel off the top, perfect for focusing in as you shake off the weekend cobwebs. “Whoa” especially leans into this vibe, with some great piano and horns that instantly boost our mood. Nothing says “Monday morning” like a killer, mellow trumpet solo! So pour your first cup of coffee, whether it’s hot or iced, and start your week off right.


Tuesday - Mt. Joy, Mt. Joy

Still early in the week, it feels like Tuesday should be a cool, relaxed vibe, and that’s exactly what Mt. Joy brings us. It’s definitely a rock album, but it’s never too loud or in your face. Instead, Mt. Joy channels a ton of positivity and upbeat energy into every track, giving you something to tap your foot to without raising your heart rate too much. “Astrovan” stands out in particular, with a soothing acoustic guitar part and accompanying bongos to go along with funny, inspiring lyrics. Whether you’re working, unwinding, cooking, or walking, the album is a fit. For your Tuesday, just turn on Mt. Joy in the morning and listen to it until bed.


Wednesday - Steely Dan, Can’t Buy A Thrill

What better way to get through hump day than the pure distillation of 70’s Dad Rock, Steely Dan. Can’t Buy A Thrill is just hit after hit, providing great background tracks to decompress during the middle of the week. “Reelin’ In The Years” is probably Steely Dan’s most notable song, and it is just impossible to not feel happier after listening to the upbeat jam. The whole album provides a great mix of weird 70’s vibes, starting with incredibly recognizable percussion to kick off “Do It Again” and never letting up. Steely Dan might not be for everyone, but this album sends out only good vibes, making it a perfect Wednesday listen.


Thursday - Nathaniel Rateliff And The Night Sweats, Live at Red Rocks

With the right attitude, Thursday is really just Friday, Jr. And one way to get in that mindset? Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats Live at Red Rocks. This album makes you want to stomp your feet, pour a drink, and pretend like you’re at a live show. It’s also perfect for walking (if the weather is nice), driving, or pretty much any other outdoor activity you can think of. The album has a lot of fun, high energy tracks, recorded in maybe the best venue in America, and it gives you all the highs that a live concert can offer. There are big horn parts and lots of shouting, surrounded by a few slower moments to break up the electric pace. It’s the perfect album for a quick dance break from work, and it's sure to have you up and moving by the time “S.O.B.” closes the show. These days, the weekend is just a state of mind anyways, right?


Friday - Daft Punk, Random Access Memories

Admittedly some sad and strangely-timed news this week gave us our Friday album, but we couldn’t close it out without a nod to the now-defunct Daft Punk. To jumpstart your weekend for real, we couldn’t think of a better album than Random Access Memories, if only to have “Get Lucky” on this list. For one glorious summer, that song was everywhere. The funky guitar hook is permanently emblazoned on our brains, immediately triggering memories of relaxing summer days spent drinking outside. This album muddies the genres between electronic, dance, disco, funk, and rock, for a blend that spans all music tastes. And it’s not just “Get Lucky” -- tracks like “Lose Yourself To Dance” and “Give Life Back To Music” are truly infectious. Even if you’re just dancing around the living room, do yourself a favor and kick off your weekend by turning Daft Punk all the way up and letting it just wash over you.


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