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Friday Five, Vol. 92

Apparently we gravitated towards content that was light and comedic this week, and it shows in the Friday Five. We've got stand-up, sketches, a new feature from a comedy legend, and even a breezy podcast to keep you entertained. And, as always, there's a new album to get your vibes right as we head into October!


Nick Kroll: Little Big Boy

Nick Kroll has long been one of our favorite comedic writers and performers, making us laugh with truly wild characters on The Kroll Show, Big Mouth, Oh Hello, and The League. This week, Kroll adds another entry into his comedy portfolio: The Netflix Stand-Up Special. While Little Big Boy didn't drop until this week, Kroll was actually touring parts of this hour before COVID hit, and we were lucky enough to see him take the stage in LA. The act crushed it live, and we are excited to be able to experience again from the comfort of our couch. While he's not known for his stand-up comedy, Kroll did start his career performing as the opener for Aziz Ansari, and certainly isn't new to the art form. Still, it's really cool to see someone -- even someone in the position that Kroll is in -- take a risk by changing lanes a little bit and going back to his roots. If you're looking for a laugh this weekend, Kroll's new hour is worth checking out.

King Penguin Friday Five Nick Kroll
Courtesy: Netflix

The Greatest Beer Run Ever

We've had quite a run of Rhode Island talent on the Friday Five recently, and this week we get to keep it going with Peter Farrelly's new film The Greatest Beer Run Ever. The RI-native (along with his brother) directed beloved comedies like There's Something About Mary and Dumb and Dumber before going solo and winning an Oscar with 2018's Green Book. Now, Farrelly is back in theaters (and on Apple TV+) with a movie that is, somehow, based on a true story. Zac Efron stars as Chickie Donohue, a real-life veteran who snuck into Vietnam to deliver beers to his neighborhood pals that were still fighting overseas. Russell Crowe and Bill Murray also co-star in the feature, which is based on Donohue's memoir that he co-wrote with Joanna Molloy. Just based on the trailer alone, this true story feels perfect for Farrelly's comedic style, and Efron fits right into his role as the titular beer-runner. While war movies (even comedies) typically aren't the lightest fare, Farrelly's latest film definitely feels like a worthy weekend watch.

King Penguin Friday Five Greatest Beer Run Ever
Courtesy: Apple TV+

Fast & Loose: F1

Just ahead of F1's return to action after a three week lay-off, we've got a new podcast for all of your Formula 1 needs. Whether you are a die-hard fan or new to the sport, Fast & Loose: F1 has something for anyone interested in the races each weekend. Will Arnett hosts the show with a rotating group of co-hosts that includes comedian The Kid Mero and veteran sports commentator Michelle Beadle. F1 legend Mika Häkkinen also joins the show to give some insider knowledge, but the pace of the podcast definitely relies on Arnett's comedic talents, as well as those of his collaborators. The hosts are giving knowledgeable, insightful opinions, but still maintaining the fan's perspective. This is especially helpful when you're new to watching, because it feels like a friend is explaining the sport to you at a bar, instead of high-level analysis. The pod is relatively new, as it just kicked off with the F1 restart at the end of the summer, but they are already hitting their stride. Fast & Loose really serves as a fun after-show to the race, but if you need to get caught up beforehand, they've got pre-race episodes as well. So enjoy the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend, and then tune into Fast & Loose to get your post-race fix.


GRiZ - Chasing The Golden Hour, Pt. 4

Our transition from summer into fall music is still a process, especially with the continued warm weather, so this week we've got a taste of beach vibes just minus the summer party. GRiZ put a new album out that is perfect for getting you through a stressful work week, or for just hanging around on the couch. Chasing The Golden Hour, Pt. 4 kicks off with the note-perfect "Mystik Dub" which combines a great, dirty guitar riff with some vocal effects and horns to set the tone for the album. From there, we get a wide variety of sounds and songs that all feel very tied together. The funky, off-beat "Keep Bouncin'" is, as the title suggests, all about grooving along to the music. Meanwhile, "Airplane Mode," one of our favorite tracks, is about relaxing without distractions. You can let this one run through without skipping or paying much attention, and can really just fall into a great zone. It's a lot more interesting than some of our other go-to work music, like the killer "Lo-Fi Beats" Spotify list, but few albums help us get into as good of a rhythm. So whether you have a deadline to hit, or just want a soundtrack for a casual Sunday drive, give GRiZ a shot.


Eli Manning Goes Undercover

While Peyton might be the Manning brother with the better-known on-screen presence, Eli is quickly proving he's got some comedy game, too. Eli suited up as a potential Penn State walk-on for ESPN this week, and the results were pretty incredible. Not that we should be surprised. He didn't have anything that lived up to Peyton's United Way sketch on Saturday Night Live, but Eli proved to be a pretty capable SNL host himself. And the Manningcast Monday Night Football broadcasts have featured plenty of great commentary from the younger Manning brother. Eli really came into his own for this ESPN feature, though. Donning a disguise as "Chad Powers," Eli proved what we all should know about pro athletes: They are really, really good at sports. It doesn't matter that Manning is about a decade past his prime -- he was dropping dimes and showing out against guys twenty years younger than him. Just don't ask about his 40-time. Manning really sold the comedic element of the bit, talking to himself the entire time, and cracking jokes with all of the younger players. And if the Eli segment isn't enough for you, you're in luck. Jimmer Fredette also went undercover at BYU basketball tryouts, and the results were also spectacular.


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