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Moodboard Monday: Aon Risk Reward Challenge

If you follow King Penguin on Instagram (which, if you don’t, you should fix that ASAP), you’ve probably seen some of the moodboards we’ve posted. We’ve been giving an inside look at projects we’re currently working on by sharing the shows, movies, fashion, art, and video games that inspire us through our creative process. Unfortunately, we can’t talk much about the projects until they’re released, so we can only share the inspiration, not the final product. For today’s Moodboard Monday, though, we wanted to show what these brainstorm sessions can turn into.

King Penguin Aon Golf Final Moodboard

For our work on Aon’s Risk Reward Challenge, we wanted to take all of the incredibly detailed golf data we had and present it in a visually appealing way. Our board consisted of dynamic images from other golf course visualizers. We looked at bird’s eye views, course maps, and swing simulators from a variety of sources to craft the look. Once we had gathered the styles we liked, we could put the King Penguin spin on them, and deliver the final piece that showed our distinct flair.

While we still can’t reveal the other projects we’ve got cooking, hopefully this gives you guys a better idea of how our Moodboards come to life!


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