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Moodboard Monday: Game Shows

King Penguin Moodboard Monday Game Shows

Summer might be around the corner, but that doesn't mean our work is slowing down! While (as usual) we can't say much about it, we've been working on a game show project, and that has inspired today's Moodboard Monday. We've watched a TON of different shows while deciding on our look for the project, exploring the different trends, styles, and sub-genres that have dominated the space over the years. And now, to give an inside look behind our process, we put together some of the key images that stuck out amongst all our research.

King Penguin Moodboard Monday Game Shows Classics

First, we immediately gravitated towards the classics, and the shows we grew up watching (or, in some cases, still watch to this day). Jeopardy! is the gold standard for all competition shows, and the simplicity of the visuals, along with the iconic font, helped us focus in on the look we wanted. Similarly, Family Feud has such a classic style, and the answer board is incredibly recognizable to even casual TV viewers. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, especially with host Regis Philbin, was an absolute masterclass in creating drama and suspense within the confines of a fun gameshow, and the music and visuals of the game really stand the test of time. Even the way the show was shot was incredibly distinct, with the camera movements and lighting really becoming a part of the game.

King Penguin Moodboard Monday Game Shows Modern

While we love some of the original game show looks, we also wanted to see how they've been updated over time. Something like The Weakest Link was an easy test case, as it recently got rebooted and brought into 2022. Although a lot of the pacing and gameplay is standard, the fonts, colors, and presentation definitely has evolved. Admittedly, we also went back and took a little inspiration from some shows we've worked on, and reflected on the process of making those, too. Mental Samurai and Game of Talents both utilized bright colors, and tried to put a unique spin on the standard display boards. We wanted to blend some classic elements with more modern flair, and these shows were a good place to start.

One of the most prevalent sub-genres of reality TV in the 21st Century has been the singing competition, and that gave us a lot to work with. The Masked Singer has taken the industry by storm, and is probably the most unique show we looked at in terms of presentation and graphic elements. Their "clue" segments always feature whacky animations and different ways of integrating the performers' disguises into the broadcast. On the other end of the spectrum, The Voice settled into a very distinct, simple aesthetic, but one that still has some glitz and glamor to stand out in the crowded field. And I Can See Your Voice landed somewhere in the middle, with a slightly absurd premise that is anchored by a more standard stage set-up and presentation.

There are so many gameshows to watch, both new and old, and we took a real deep dive trying to land on the style we wanted for our new project. If we missed any iconic looks, you'll have to let us know -- this is just where our project kicks off!


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