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Moodboard Monday: #HolidaySzn

'Tis the season! Once Thanksgiving is over each year, it seems as though every project takes on a little bit of a holiday theme. So, for this week's Moodboard Monday, we decided to tap into some of the inspiration that strikes around this time every year.

We can't talk about holiday season inspiration without looking back at some of our favorite cartoons from childhood. These animated specials, whether it was the Rugrats Hanukkah episode, Charlie Brown Christmas, or one of the various Christmas claymation shorts, played on repeat while we were growing up. So much of "holiday cheer" is based in nostalgia, and the animation is dripping with it. They are classics for a reason!

Speaking of classic, we also frequently look back at our favorite live-action holiday movies when trying to figure out themes for our work. Comedies like National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and Elf poke fun at some of the ridiculousness of it all, while a Nancy Meyers classic like The Holiday digs into the sentimentality that people love this time of year. The bright lights, over-the-top decorations, and big family meals all play an important part in these movies, and are all incredibly relevant to anything we are designing around the holidays. And there might not be a more singular image from a Christmas movie than the Home Alone cover, so we couldn't leave off that classic shot from one of our favorite films.

Last, but certainly not least, the Holiday Party. Whether it is a company party, a small Christmas get-together, or a New Years Eve bash, December is all about the parties. Lucky for us, even prestige directors seem to enjoy putting these huge events on screen. Boogie Nights, Phantom Thread, and When Harry Met Sally all set monumental scenes during holiday parties, and who can blame the directors? The outfits, balloons, confetti, champagne, and party vibes create a really fantastic aesthetic. We try and channel that into any work we do this time of year, with bright colors, lots of gold, and (as always) great vibes.

While we like to try and slow things down in December to fully enjoy the holidays, we've always got something going on. And when projects pop up, we turn to our #HolidaySZN moodboard!


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