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Sport Science: Stephen Curry

After watching Stephen Curry absolutely catch fire recently, we decided it was time to take Sport Science to the hardwood to break down the greatest shooter of all time. Steph’s career highlight reel is full of jaw-dropping shots, and we took a deep dive into the science that makes it all possible, starting in a surprising place: His feet. Curry’s ability to fly around the court, get open, and keep his body under control while launching threes is an incredibly rare skill.

While you can watch Curry run around the court on game tape, we used our graphics to really help the audience visualize just how impressive his motion is. Of course, simply tracking Curry around the court with speed and distance data was the most frequent use. His motion within plays can sometimes get lost when watching the game, so we wanted to clearly highlight how much he was moving around. Additionally, we were really excited to debut our 3D model of Steph. 3D Steph allowed us to simulate and dissect how Curry can successfully alter his shot on a dime. By freezing him in time, we were able to visualize how his forward momentum affected the launch angle on a particular play. There is also an emphasis on Curry’s impressive heart rate control, and we decided that the best way to demonstrate that was with a 3D heart. The detail and animation of the heart keeps viewers’ attention, while helping them digest the information from the voiceover.

Stephen Curry is masterful from long range, and we wanted to make sure our graphics were up to par. Next time you see Steph pull up from the logo, just remember how much work goes into making him an all-time great.


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