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Friday Five, Vol. 13

King Penguin Friday Five Vol 13

The seasons have changed, the weather is getting warmer, and Friday Five is still going strong with lucky number 13. We've got fast cars, hot wings, and good tunes -- what more could you want?


Drive To Survive

If you’re looking for some fast-paced, high-stakes sports drama in between March Madness games, it’s time to hit the track. Netflix’s Drive To Survive is back for a third season, and we highly recommend checking out the Formula One docuseries. The 10-episode seasons of the show break down the year on the racing circuit, highlighting not only the electrifying action on the track, but also spotlighting the intense behind-the-scenes lives of the drivers and crew. In the season premiere alone, we had fast driving, nepotism, a car design controversy, and of course issues with COVID. Drive To Survive strikes a fine balance between reality TV and docuseries, and whether you start with the newest season or go back to the beginning, you’re sure to get invested quickly. And if you can’t get enough action from the series, this weekend also marks the first race of the 2021 Formula One season.

King Penguin Friday Five: Lewis Hamilton
Courtesy: Netflix

grif - Great Basin Skate Heaven

Spring has officially sprung, and our favorite video of the week celebrates the changing of the seasons in style. Motion designer Grif posted an unreal tribute to both the equinox as well as Tony Hawk Pro Skater, overlaying flower graphics onto a 3D-animated skater completing a run. We probably would have enjoyed the video even without all of the flowers, but the added element really makes it pop. There’s also a nod to old 90’s skate tapes in the middle, which is another cool layer to the clip. We’re still blown away each time the clip restarts and the impact from the skater’s first trick creates a patch of flowers in bloom. It’s absolutely mesmerizing, and can help clear your mind after a busy week.


Mars House NFT

Speaking of digital art, the NFT craze has broken into a new facet of life: Housing. The first ever digital NFT home, known as the Mars House, just sold for $500,000. Last week we were talking about the national obsession over dream-house-hunting, and now the obsession has gone fully online. The virtual house is now uploadable into the buyer’s “Metaverse,” which is a virtual extension of our world. As the world becomes more and more online, the marketplace for things like fashion and housing in the “Metaverse” has become more in demand - and in comes the NFT. Anyone can take a digital tour of the home designed by Krista Kim, who created a relaxing, zenned out space after being inspired by the confinement of the last year. She even partnered with the Smashing Pumpkins to give the digital home a mellow accompanying track. Whether you are looking to buy a real home or a digital one, it looks like anyone that binge-browses Zillow like we do is going to have even more options to choose from.

King Penguin Friday Five: Mars House

Pink Floyd - “Money”

There have been a lot of standout rock hooks over the years, but one of the most iconic has to be the intro of Pink Floyd’s “Money.” The repetitive sounds of cash registers and change clinking followed by an all-time bass line is instantly recognizable. The track, along with the famous album Dark Side of the Moon, just passed the 48-year anniversary of its release, which got it back in our rotation. Not only is it a dynamic, almost hypnotic song to work to, but with the NFT craze and March Madness betting in full swing, it felt like an incredibly appropriate song to be playing this week. While the bassline is probably the most notable piece of the song, there are really interesting changes in tempos and moods throughout, not to mention a killer saxophone solo. We also can’t help but think of the 2003 remake of The Italian Job, which uses “Money” as the outro song while we watch all of our favorite characters celebrate their spoils. Whatever your weekend playlist looks like, the groove and overall vibes make “Money” a worthy addition.


Hot Ones

If you’re looking to veg out on a binge-watch this weekend, we’ve got good news: HBOMax just added a season of the interview show “Hot Ones.” We couldn’t be more excited to jump back into the world of the show, where host Sean Evans interviews celebrities while they eat increasingly spicy wings. While there are over 200 episodes of the show on Youtube, with new episodes being released every week, the HBOMax selections are a perfect entry (or re-entry) point for anyone trying to get equated with the concept. The interviewees in the 20-episode season range from Jimmy Butler to Schoolboy Q to Kristen Bell, and each episode provides meme-worthy moments of celebrities attempting to answer questions while their brains are melting from the heat. Notably, the Paul Rudd and Idris Elba episodes are both up, each of which provided viral clips that are inescapable across the internet. And where else can you see John Mayer talk about Nickelback and improvise a song on a ukulele while sweating out hot sauce? So take the dive on HBOMax, and if you like what you see, go find your favorite star’s interview on Youtube.


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