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Friday Five, Vol. 23

King Penguin Friday Five Logo Graphic

We've mad it through the first (short) week of June, and King Penguin has everything you need to kick off a summer weekend in this edition of the Friday Five. Whether you want house music or classic rock, comedy or drama, island vibes or outer space, we've got you covered!


Friday Beers has done it again. The account was already one of our favorites on Instagram (and an OG Friday Five selection), and now they’ve thrown their hats in the ring for the song of the summer. In a half-serious attempt to break Dua Lipa’s streaming record, Friday Beers enlisted DJ Press Play, in collaboration with Sunday Scaries and Curry Cartel, to produce the single “Xtasy.” The song itself is a pretty catchy house track, and one that will probably be added to any summer party playlists we make. It is already stuck in our heads, and we can certainly envision downing a few drinks on a patio somewhere with it blasting in the background. But beyond the music, we were also blown away by the short video released with the song. There was some pretty impressive design work done to create a 3D model of DJ Press Play, and the animation is incredibly smooth when he does the signature Friday Beers dance. These guys have already brought us a ton of entertainment over the last 18 months, so we shouldn’t be surprised that they may have given us one of our songs of the summer, too.


Bo Burnham - Inside

The novelty of “quarantine production” will probably wear off pretty soon (if it hasn’t already), but Bo Burnham absolutely took it to another level in his new Netflix special Inside. The musical comedian fully wrote, directed, shot, and produced the 90-minute special from within his own home, and it is really astonishing. It’s super claustrophobic and contained, and while Burnham’s songs can be funny, it can also get pretty dark as we watch someone grapple with the mental side of quarantine. The musical comedy is pretty solid and often relatable, but the real standout part of the project is the production value. There is some really ambitious camerawork and lighting accompanying the array of musical tracks, and the sheer number of different looks and costume changes is dizzying. We don’t know that this will be eligible for any sort of awards, and aren’t really sure what to label it, but Inside is definitely special and worthy of a watch.

King Penguin Friday Five Bo Burnham Inside
Courtesy: Netflix

For All Mankind

In case you are once again on the hunt for a new show to watch, we suggest you head to space with For All Mankind on Apple TV+. The show begins in the 60’s, and looks at an alternate timeline in which the Russians win the Space Race. We follow along as the team at NASA continues the push to the moon and beyond, and the show is a testament to what bigger budgets and higher production values can bring to television. The episodes are admittedly a little long, and it’s a slow burn to start the season, but things really pick up as you start to jump forward in time. There’s drama, tension, and a lot of really great visuals. Not to mention, the second season has gotten rave reviews, so you just have to put in a little time to really get to know the characters! We’re always down for a show or movie that takes us to space, and with all of the modern talk about space travel, it’s been a pretty cool watch! You’ve got a little time before Season 3 comes out, so buckle up and head to the moon.

King Penguin Friday Five For All Mankind
Courtesy: Apple TV+

@madebystudiojq - "Miami Dance" NFT

Our next selection also features an astronaut, but he’s doing something a little less prolific than landing on the moon. “Miami Dance'' is the first animated NFT commissioned by Playboy, and created by digital artist mbsjq. Playboy wanted the NFT to include three themes: Miami, cryptocurrency, and the iconic Playboy Rabbit Head logo. In “Miami Dance,” all those boxes get checked off, as an animated astronaut dances around on a revolving, pink and teal island. The Playboy Logo and an actual “bitcoin” also adorn the island, along with some palm trees and flamingo floaties sitting nearby. The vibes from this short animation are incredible, and perfectly match those found at a Miami beach party. Mbsqj’s work is always packed with bright colors (and often features astronauts), so it’s no surprise that the NFT brought a burst of color to our timelines this week. Definitely go follow the account to improve the aesthetic of your feed, and if you’re feeling really bold, go bid on the NFT!


The Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street

Aside from bright colors, futuristic themes, and summer party music, we were also rocking with some classics this week. Specifically, the Rolling Stones incredible album Exile on Main Street. You can never go wrong blasting one of the greatest rock albums of all time, but this week it felt especially right. Exile kicks off with “Rocks Off” to set the mood, and the bluesy, party rock hits keep on coming. While we were enjoying the whole album, “Pass the Wine” jumped out at us in particular this week, with the killer horn parts and a definite summery feel. The percussion alone could get you up out of your chair, and of course Mick Jagger always brings the party in his vocals. The Rolling Stones might not be the first band you turn to when adding to a weekend playlist, but it might be time to change that thinking. We wouldn’t mind spending a whole weekend drinking some wine with some and cranking up the Stones.


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