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Friday Five, Vol. 31

King Penguin Friday Five Logo Graphic

We're halfway through the summer, it's still way too hot, and we're still burning through these Friday Fives! This week, we got hooked on a Netflix docuseries that is stranger than fiction, checked out an Oscar contender, and appreciated some really awesome art. Not to mention, the Olympics are on, if you can figure out how to watch them! We've got a little bit of everything for anyone looking for some creative inspiration on a hot summer weekend.



We love a good heist movie here at King Penguin - just last week, we featured the classic Point Break. But sometimes, nothing can top the real thing. Netflix’s new docuseries Heist tells the in-depth stories of three of the most daring, audacious robberies in American history. Each heist is explained across two episodes, as you meet conspirators, family members, and law enforcement agents involved in the cases. Heist relies a lot on re-enactments so that it isn’t just talking heads, and while sometimes that can be hit-or-miss, it really works for the series. There’s an armored truck heist in Vegas, a robbery at the Miami Airport, and even the theft of the world’s most expensive bourbon. Truly, something for everyone. You can try and space out all six episodes, but we have a feeling that once you start, you won’t be able to stop.

King Penguin Friday Five Heist
Courtesy: Netflix

Leon Bridges - Gold-Diggers Sound

One of the smoothest voices in all of music has blessed us with another album. Leon Bridges is back with a new release, Gold-Diggers Sound, and we can’t stop listening. It’s a bit slower than his last album, but it really showcases his voice, and is one of the most soothing albums we’ve heard in a while. It could be great music for your work day, but it is definitely geared to be a late night album, and we aren’t complaining. There’s a cool consistency that binds all the tracks together, as one song seamlessly blends into the next, and each one feels like a small part of a bigger whole. Bridges released the trio of “Why Don’t You Touch Me,” “Motor Bike,” and “Sweeter” early as a single, and while that is a killer lineup, “Don’t Worry” is the album’s standout track for us. The instrumentation is really interesting, as the guitar, piano, and horn parts all jump out. It also allows Bridges to play around with the rhythm of his vocals, and Ink absolutely crushes her feature. While this might soundtrack some late summer nights, we have a feeling we’ll be listening to Gold-Diggers Sound long after the seasons change.


The Green Knight

Yet another highly anticipated, pandemic-delayed movie is finally hitting the big screen, and this one might be the most prestigious of the bunch. The Green Knight hits theaters this week, and it has people buzzing. Between its massive star (Dev Patel), big-name director (David Lowery), and hugely important production company (A24), it checks all the boxes you want for a potential Oscar contender. We’ve seen the trailer a bunch of times, and honestly still aren’t 100% sure what it’s about, but we’re excited to watch Patel journey across stunning landscapes under Lowery’s watchful eye. Medieval stories seem to be doing well with audiences these days, and if early reviews are any indications, The Green Knight could be another classic in the genre. Not to mention, we’re also excited to see a big knight’s tale that doesn’t have a bloated runtime -- at only 2 hours, The Green Knight could be a breeze! After years of hype surrounding this Arthurian tale, we’re excited we will finally get the chance to see it come to life!

King Penguin Friday Five The Green Knight
Courtesy: A24

Nike Air Campaign

Connor Campbell Studio and Butt Studio teamed up for a super cool Nike Air animation for their latest campaign, and it really stood out on our Discover feed this week. They really focused on using gradients, wire frames, heat maps, graphs, and waves to visually animate the “science” of Nike’s latest shoe. Comfort and weightlessness in shoes are such abstract concepts, so how do you bring them to life? As creatives who often have to make science feel fresh, cool, and easy to understand, we definitely can relate to the challenges of a project like this! The graphics outlining and highlighting pieces of the shoe really make it feel like you’re getting an “inside look,” and contextualize the more generic, science lab-inspired art. Even though we know we aren’t seeing the real schematics of what went into the shoe, the design caught our eye and kept our attention, and in today’s social media environment, that says a lot about the quality of the work!


Olympic Skateboarding

It’s always cool to see a new sport make its Olympic debut, and this year, it was one that holds an important place in a lot of people’s childhoods: Skateboarding. It’s not just for the X-Games and Tony Hawk Pro Skater anymore. Now we get to see Street Skating and Park Skating on the sports world’s biggest stage! First and foremost, it was really interesting to see how much influence skateboarding has around the world. Unfortunately, one of our favorite skaters, Nyjah Huston, failed to medal in Street. But that didn’t mean there wasn’t plenty of excitement! Yuto Horigome dominated the field in front of his home crowd in Japan, bringing home the sport’s first Olympic medal. Then, 13-year old Momiji Nshiya stunned everyone by taking home the Gold on the women’s side. What were you doing at 13? There have definitely been some growing pains, but as far as Year One goes, we are just excited to see people shredding at the Olympics. And of course, we’ve still got some Park Skating to watch!


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