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Friday Five, Vol. 33

King Penguin Friday Five Volume 33 Logo Graphic

We know it's mid-August, but it's never too late to add more music to your summer playlist -- right? On top of a brand new jam, we've got more docu-series, some comedy gold to brighten up your weekend, and a new IG follow that you won't regret. Friday Five, Volume 33 has arrived, and even in the dog days of August, it delivers!


Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami

Another week, another Netflix documentary series that we have high hopes for. This week, we went down to Miami for the ridiculous true story of a few larger-than-life drug kingpins from the cocaine boom of the 70’s and 80’s. Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami was directed by Billy Corben, who made two of our favorite 30 for 30 documentaries about the Miami Hurricanes football program, so our expectations were high. There are quick cuts, flashy graphics, and a great soundtrack that really enhance the doc, and complete the Miami vibe. The talking heads are all pretty fun, likable, and entertaining -- even though they’re supposed to be the villains of the story! It is just stunning to see how audaciously they were all breaking the law. While the “true crime” genre has maybe gotten a little stale, we will always stop to watch a good outlaw story, and Cocaine Cowboys delivers.

King Penguin Friday Five Cocaine Cowboys
Courtesy: Netflix

Silk Sonic - "Skate"

We had been waiting to talk about Silk Sonic until they released their full album, but it feels like we might have to jump the gun a little bit. Possibly the smoothest collaboration in music, the duo of Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak joined forces under the Silk Sonic name, and it sounds just like you might expect. Their latest single, “Skate” delivers on all the excitement that their creative endeavor sparked. Not that “Leave the Door Open” wasn’t great, but it was a little slow for summer playlists, and didn’t give us the full effect we’d been waiting on. “Skate” channels the disco era directly, with a propulsive beat, great instrumentals, and silky smooth vocals from its artists. The auxiliary percussion really brings the track up another level, as the little touches of the xylophone and chimes really send you back in time. More than anything, “Skate” just makes you want to get up and dance, which was really the hope for the whole album. If you can sit still with this one on, we might need to check your pulse.


Desus & Mero's Bar Mitzvah

Two former Friday Five featured guests returned this week in a collaborative effort that gave us a pretty good laugh. Eric Andre joined Desus and Mero to help turn the Bodega Boys into “Bodega Men,” as the comedians celebrated their “Bar Mitzvah” on the show. We aren’t sure how legit the religious aspect of the ceremony was, but it definitely brightened our week. Andre, along with a very game Rabbi, explained the significance of the Jewish rite of passage to the Showtime hosts -- after a lengthy discussion about drug use. Anytime Eric Andre is involved in a project, it tends to go off the rails, and the D&M Bar Mitzvah is no exception. After the ceremony, they threw a huge party, which was equally entertaining. You get to see Desus and Mero go up in the chair during the Hora, and Desus attempts to spray Manischewitz like it’s champagne. All in all, it’s definitely the wildest Bar Mitzvah celebration you’ll ever see, and if you need a quick laugh this weekend, look no further.

King Penguin Friday Five Desus & Mero Bar Mitzvah
Courtesy: Showtime

Hard Knocks: Dallas Cowboys

HBO’s iconic NFL Preseason docuseries is finally back, and this season, the spotlight is on “America’s Team”: The Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones’s Cowboys generally don’t need any outside help to provide extra drama, but this offseason, we’re getting a peak behind the curtains. Dak Prescott, the team’s star QB, is coming back from a gruesome injury with something to prove. Head Coach Mike McCarthy is trying to prove that he can still win at the highest level. A number of fringe roster guys will probably steal America’s hearts trying to make the cut -- as long as people can have sympathy for someone playing for the Cowboys. The combination of reality TV and sports is always great fodder for television. More importantly, Hard Knocks marks the return of the NFL, which is officially back in our lives every week from now until the Super Bowl. Buckle up!

King Penguin Friday Five Hard Knocks
Courtesy: HBO



We love discovering new art on our IG feeds, and this week, we were blown away by 3D modeler Gabriel Soares. An animation of Anton Chigurh, the villain in No Country for Old Men, caught our eye on our Discover page, and on closer inspection, we loved a lot of Soares’ work. Specifically, the standout for us was a model of Cillian Murphy’s Peaky Blinders character Thomas Shelby. We love that show, and especially that character, and Soares’ work captured so much of what makes the character great. The artist often features older renders and sketches of the work in slide shows, so you can get a behind-the-scenes peek at the whole creative process. It’s awesome to be able to go back and see how the work that lights up our feed came to life. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that Soares also created the Jack Black-as-Thor figurine -- another Friday Five favorite! Whether you like Elton John, Marvel movies, old cartoons, or R-rated dramas, there’s something for everyone on Soares’ feed. Go check it out!


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