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Friday Five, Vol. 39

King Penguin Friday Five Title Graphic

The leaves in Los Angeles never really change, but according to our calendars, it is officially fall! As we shift out of the summer, we've got a Friday Five that gives you the best of both worlds. Sure, there's some music to get you up and rocking out. But there are also some new tunes and binge mode recommendations for when the weather starts to turn and you just want to get cozy inside. It's Volume 39, and fall has arrived to the Friday Five.


Cam Cole - Live From Extinction Rebellion

If you are unfamiliar with the music of Cam Cole, it’s time to get acquainted! The incredible one-man band from the UK does it all -- he sings, plays a variety of instruments, busks, and most importantly, rocks hard. This week, we’ve had one of his old performances on repeat, and we decided we had to share it. Cole took his show to the streets at an Extinction Rebellion protest event in London, and it’s quite an impressive performance. The control he has of all the instruments at once is pretty mind-blowing, simultaneously nailing drum intros and guitar riffs while also providing lead vocals. He clearly plays with a ton of joy, and it is contagious -- everyone in the crowd rocks along with him. We also love the busk-to-stage route that his career has taken, as it reminds us of another King Penguin favorite, John Butler. If you like what you hear, you can go dig into Cole’s music on Spotify and around the internet. But there’s something particularly inspiring about seeing the one-man band in action.


The Sopranos

King Penguin Friday Five Sopranos
Courtesy: HBO

With the impending release of The Many Saints of Newark (more on that next week), people have been racing to finish Sopranos rewatches ahead of the prequel film release, and this week we joined in on the fun. The Sopranos is an absolutely iconic show that helped redefine American TV. It paved the way for HBO’s dominance, as well as shows like Breaking Bad, and it’s fun to go back and watch one of TV’s first mainstream antiheroes. James Gandolfini was phenomenal as Tony Soprano, and it’s always entertaining to go back and watch a master at work. It definitely takes a lot of time to work your way through a full series watch, so we recommend checking out some Top-20 episode lists if you’re just trying to jog your memory a little before next week. Somehow, all these years later, that pretty unlikable family from New Jersey is still near and dear to our hearts. If that’s not the mark of a great TV show, we don’t know what is.



Here at King Penguin, we love all things Formula One. Lucky for us, it seems like Netflix shares our affinity for the high-octane sport, and they’ve really come through with all sorts of clutch content. Most recently, they released a new documentary called Schumacher, detailing the life of one of the greatest F1 drivers ever. Michael Schumacher is a legendary driver who pushed the limits of the sport, both in the car and outside of it. He pushed for the development of technologies, equipment, and fitness regimens, changing the sport forever. It’s really cool to see all of the older racing footage, and to watch how a legend was created. We’ve also really enjoyed seeing a less mainstream sport (at least in the US) that we love start to pick up steam, and get the same type of treatment as other competitions. As long as people keep making F1 content, we’ll be sure to keep watching.

King Penguin Friday Five Schumacher
Courtesy: Netflix

Jordan Rakei - What We Call Life

Jordan Rakei pretty much always has a Friday Five spot waiting for him when he releases new music, so it should come as no surprise that his brand new album What We Call Life makes an appearance here. As always, the music is incredibly chill, and gives off a great vibe to work and relax to. Like the single, “Family,” the rest of the album seems even more lowkey than his older music, leaning more into the trancy, techno side. This probably makes it an even better soundtrack for the work day, as it’s pretty easy to just slide into the zone and listen all the way through without realizing. There are some really interesting string parts throughout the album as well, and Rakei does some cool stuff with his vocals to change things up. You definitely won’t be blasting this at a house party on a weekend night, but if you want to lock in for a couple hours during the day, Jordan Rakei has you covered once again.


Demi Adejuyigbe 9/21/21 Video

Every year, on September 21st, comedian Demi Adejuyigbe releases an elaborate sketch/music video to Earth, Wind, and Fire’s classic “September.” And every year, these videos get more elaborate, with longer run times, more extreme production design, and more moving parts. This year’s video dropped on Tuesday, and it really takes the cake. The production value is incredibly impressive, as the comedian dances on the ceiling, jumps through frames, and participates in a very well coordinated flash mob. There are also a lot of “September 21sts” incorporated throughout the entire video. The whole thing is very light-hearted and fun, and it’s pretty exciting to see a new one come out every year. Plus, he does it all to raise money for charity! If you need a little pick-me-up from the internet this week, we definitely recommend 9/21/21. And we also suggest you go back and watch the videos from previous years -- though maybe space them out a little, so you don’t have “September” stuck in your head for the next month!


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