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Friday Five, Vol. 75

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It's hard to believe that it is already June -- and even harder to believe that this is Volume 75 of the Friday Five! This week we've got some action, some stunts, and a definite summer jam to help you keep going as the weather starts to heat up!


The Boys Season 3

While we sometimes can get a bit bored of the constant superhero movies and shows getting released these days, one of our favorites in the genre is back this week, and we’re incredibly excited. The Boys drew us in by totally flipping the comic book genre on its head, and the further we have gotten into the story, the wilder the action. We’ve had some time off since Season 2 dropped, and we’ve been eagerly anticipating the return of Homelander and Co. Who will break bad this season? Who will get blown into (literal) bits? What new, suped-up characters are going to burst onto the scene? We really can’t wait to find out. Karl Urban is back with one of our favorite comedic performances on television, and this season, it looks like even he might get powers. We do have to warn you – we know we say it often, but this show isn’t for the faint of heart. There are a lot of laughs, but also a lot of pretty gruesome violence. But if you don’t mind a little bit of that, we definitely recommend this subversive take on today’s most popular genre. And if you haven’t started, even better – you can go back and binge the first two seasons, too!

King Penguin Friday Five The Boys
Courtesy: Prime Video

Tom Cruise Formula 1 Dogfight

In case you missed last week’s Friday Five, we are totally obsessed with Top Gun: Maverick. And the good news is that the movie is really sick. But beyond that, Tom Cruise’s press tour continues to give us unbelievable internet content, and we’ve gotta highlight one more clip. This time, two of our interests collided with Top Gun and Formula One, as Tom Cruise joined the boys at Channel 4 for a “dogfight,” just like in the movie. Only in the segment, they aren’t flying jets, but driving around in one of our favorite cars – the Porsche 911 GT3. The whole crew really leans into some of the cheesiness of the segment, quoting the movie, making a joke about “missile lock,” and even singing “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.” There are also a bunch of inside jokes about F1, including a bit about retired driver Kimi Raikkonen who also happened to go by “Iceman.” Even if there wasn’t a ton at risk in the “dogfight,” it was awesome to see Cruise get out on the track and do some stunt driving. Plus, any time we can watch some Porsches cruise around, you can sign us up. This will probably be the last of the Top Gun: Maverick content coming your way, but you never know. The film, along with Formula 1, continues churning out content that keeps us inspired.

King Penguin Friday Five Tom Cruise F1 Dogfight
Courtesy: Channel 4

Fabio Wibmer Double Backflip

Speaking of inspirational stunts, you’ve gotta check out what Fabio Wibmer pulled off at the Monaco Grand Prix. Or, rather, during the Monaco Grand Prix. Wibmer is a stunt bicyclist, and during the big weekend, he pulled off a double backflip off of an upper deck, into the port of Monaco. Aside from the beautiful scenery, this video obviously took our breath away because of the guts it takes to pull off such a stunt. Everything has to go right – and clearly it did. We always think it’s cool when athletes and stunt performers have a very clear vision of what they want to pull off, and then totally send it. We had to stop and watch Wibmer’s video multiple times when we saw it on our feed, and have gone back to every day this week. The backflips are just pretty mesmerizing, and if you’re anything like us, it’s easy to get lost in a little bit of a trance while watching. Definitely bookmark Wibmer’s trick if you want to get psyched up in under 20 seconds.


Bo Burnham’s Inside was, in our minds, one of the most impressive artistic displays pulled off during quarantine. Burnham put together a full-on comedic music video album/stand-up special, all from his own home. If you haven’t checked it out, we highly recommend you drop what you’re doing and head over to Netflix (after you finish reading the Friday Five, of course). Now, to mark the year anniversary of the comedy special’s release, Burnham released a full hour’s worth of outtakes from the making of Inside. If you want to get a sense of the special’s popularity, as well as Burnham’s following in general, the hour-long upload on Youtube already has 3 million views. But trust us, it’s worth diving into at least some of it. Normally, stand-ups test out their material on the road, and you only get to see the mistakes if you happen to catch them at a show. Here, you get the whole testing process, all in your own home. Beyond the comedy, the technical achievements of Inside really blew us away, and so it’s also cool to see Burnham tinkering with the visual set-ups, too. If you haven’t seen Inside yet, definitely watch that first, but then be sure to check out the outtakes, because they’re absolutely worth a watch as well.

King Penguin Friday Five Bo Burnham
Courtesy: Bo Burnham

Flight Facilities - “Let’s Get It On” Remix

We normally don’t like messing with the classics, but sometimes, we hear a remix of an old song that we know will be on summer playlists for years to come. Kygo’s “Sexual Healing” is a perfect example, and this week, we stumbled on another Marvin Gaye remix that instantly went into our rotation. Flight Facilities “Let’s Get It On” Remix added some modern and tropical flair to Gaye’s iconic hit. There’s a fun, slow build with the intro, and it kicks into a grooving beat that really does elevate the original song. While nothing will top Gaye’s take, it can be a little bit slow – because, as the title suggests, that was the intention. But Flight Facilities’ addition of some new drums, as well as tinkering with the vocals and other effects, really brings the tempo up and makes it a party hit. We are definitely building up all of our summer playlists at the moment, looking for all the tracks that will get us going on hot summer days. The only question now is how many playlists this track ends up on, because we’ll definitely be jamming to it a lot this summer.


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