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Friday Five, Vol. 77

Like comedy? Action? Summer jams? Well you're in the right place. We found inspiration in the ingenuity of some of our favorite comedy creators this week -- and not just because they made us laugh. Volume 77 also features the usual Friday Five staples, so kick back, relax, and enjoy the last weekend of spring.


Seth And Post Malone Go Day Drinking

This week marked the return of one our favorite late-night comedy segments: Seth Goes Day Drinking. This time around, rapper Post Malone joined Seth Meyers at the bar, and the two really got after it. We love the bit in part because it is one of the few late-night segments that feels like you're getting a genuine look at the celebrity guest. But also, because they actually get hammered. There are a lot of fun games and bits, including tattoo-inspired drinks, some drunken (temporary) face tats, and Seth Meyers trivia. We also get to see a very bad, drunk rendition of the Cheers theme song. It's always great to see a comedian like Meyers hanging out with some unlikely pals, and him and Post Malone really seemed to get along. Anytime we see some real ingenuity on late-night comedy, we like to take the chance to highlight it.

King Penguin Friday Five Day Drinking
Courtesy: NBC

Bill Hader - Barry Behind-The-Scenes

Seth Meyers isn't the only former SNL cast member to make the Friday Five this week, though. Bill Hader, Meyers' former cast-mate on the sketch comedy show, is also the co-creator of one of the best shows currently on TV, Barry. Beyond just making a great TV show, Hader has graciously joined The Ringer's Sean Fennessey on "The Prestige TV Podcast" to go behind-the-scenes on each episode of the third season. Our favorite segment from the podcast series so far covers an incredible motorbike chase sequence, which cuts through side streets and a major LA freeway. Barry blends genre lines, but it frequently goes above and beyond what any TV "comedy" has done in terms of production value and awe-inspiring stunt sequences. Hader walks Fennessey through the nitty-gritty of how the chase sequence was shot and executed, and it's very fun as creatives to hear his entire process, from the inspiration behind the chase to how it was brought to life. The show is a real team effort, and Hader makes sure to shout out all the people involved in the production process. Every episode of the podcast has some great tidbits about the ins-and-outs of making Barry, so if you're a fan of the show, we definitely recommend you check it out. And if you aren't watching the show, you should definitely catch up!


Big Gigantic - Brighter Future 2

Just in time for the summer party season, Big Gigantic is out with their latest album, Brighter Future 2. It's an upbeat, paced up album that has a few tracks on it that will definitely play on repeat as the weather warms up. We've already highlighted "Deja Vu" on the Friday Five as a single, but it's far from the only song to get us going. "Keep On Rising," featuring Aloe Blacc really gets things moving, and it has a great groove that will get people dancing. This definitely isn't a great work album, because you'll want to be on your feet -- but hey, not everything has to be. That's not to say that there isn't a great mix of tones, sounds, and energy from track-to-track. Something light and airy like "Free" fits right alongside a heavier rap track like "Energy" because they're all tied together by Big Gigantic's beats and production. "Keep On Falling" and "Second Time" do provide us with a moment to relax at the tail end of the album, but on the whole, Brighter Future 2 is here to get people on their feet.


The Old Man

We've made our love for the spy thriller well known, and we've already gotten some great entries in the genre on TV this year. This week brings us one more, starring the absolutely legendary Jeff Bridges. In the new FX/Hulu drama, Bridges plays a retired spy that gets begrudgingly brought back into the game. It's a classic trope with a modern, updated twist -- and as the old saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. He might be up there in age, but based on the trailer, Bridges can still kick some serious ass. We've been waiting on The Old Man for a while, as production had been stalled both by COVID delays and Bridges' cancer diagnosis. But after getting out of treatment, Bridges returned to production, and finished bringing the show to life. The Old Man is another adaptation of a spy novel, so you can add this one to the King Penguin Summer Book Club, too. The huge TV run from the spring is slowing down a bit, and obviously with the weather starting to turn, there's less of a need to binge-watch TV. But we'll always make time for a weekly visit with Jeff Bridges.

King Penguin Friday Five The Old Man
Courtesy: FX


We haven't quite hit Summer Blockbuster season yet (despite the arrival of Top Gun: Maverick), but some big releases are starting to roll out, especially on streaming services. Speaking of Top Gun, our pick this week reunites director Joseph Kosinski with star Miles Teller, along with Chris Hemsworth and Jurnee Smollett. Spiderhead is a futuristic tech thriller/prison drama shot in a beautiful location in Australia, and the views are absolutely stunning. But don't let the beauty fool you -- the trailer looks pretty freaky. We don't fully know what to expect tone-wise, but Hemsworth clearly brings some of his trademark humor from his role as Thor, which looks like it makes this film even more unsettling. It had been a while since we'd seen Teller in anything, but hopefully Kosinski continues to bring out the best in the actor, just like he did in Maverick. Like The Old Man, this one had been on our watchlists for a while, so we're excited it is finally here. We'll definitely be carving out some time on our couch in the AC for Spiderhead this weekend.

King Penguin Friday Five Spiderhead
Courtesy: Netflix


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