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Moodboard Monday: Hitting The Green

King Penguin Golf Moodboard Monday Title Image

If you've been paying attention to our work, you know that we love golf. We love to play it, watch it on TV, and, not-so-coincidentally, we love to work on creative projects about it. Even though some people might think of it as a "boring" sport, there is a *lot* of material to get the creative gears spinning when it's time to get to work. And today's Moodboard Monday is a testament to all that inspiration.

King Penguin Golf Moodboard Monday Celebrations

We have some of golf's most memorable celebrations emblazoned in our memory from all the pre-Tournament compilations we've watched through the years, and that's where this board starts. Everyone, whether they've watched a minute of golf or not, knows about Tiger's fist pump. It's truly iconic. It transcends the sport, and was the first image that came to mind when we put this together. Perhaps less well-known, but equally goosebump-inducing, is Adam Scott's famous celebratory yell after his Master's victory. And you obviously can't put together a golf project without including the Golden Bear or the iconic Masters' Green Jacket.

King Penguin Golf Moodboard Monday Fashion

Golfers also happen to have an incredibly, shall we say, *unique* style. It isn't always good, but it helps define the visual aesthetic of the sport. Rickie Fowler is probably the most infamous dresser on the Tour these days (though his outfits have been toned down), and the highlighter orange was a real statement piece. The late Payne Stewart brought knickers back into style, and John Daly just does what John Daly wants to do.

King Penguin Moodboard Monday Golf Movies

Finally, a little bit of golf content that everyone can get behind: golf movies. Some of the most legendary sports movies are based around golf, and the shenanigans that ensue when someone breaks the mold. Tin Cup is also iconic for sappier reasons, but it's hard to put together a movie list without the Kevin Costner classic. And Caddyshack and Happy Gilmore are two of our favorite, most-quoted comedies ever, so they were on this list without a question. Happy is probably the golfer that comes to mind immediately after Tiger (and maybe Shooter McGavin). Whenever we get stressed about our work, we can just remember to "Be The Ball" and it all gets a little easier.


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