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Moodboard Monday: Space Race

King Penguin Moodboard Monday Space Race

Space. The Great Beyond. The Final Frontier. The Next Moodboard Monday.

One of our new projects heavily features outer space, which gave us a great excuse to go back and check out some of our favorite interstellar films (including, of course, Interstellar.) No matter the era, space movies tend to share a lot of similarities, even as CGI and special effects drastically improve. There’s a vastness, an emptiness, and an austerity that emphasizes just how small we are in the universe. A lot of that is channeled on the moodboard, along with some other basic tropes of great space films.

Of course, the most thrilling part of any piece of space entertainment is the actual spacewalk. The astronauts, visors reflecting back the light of the sun, out exploring some unknown territory. But pieces like Mission Control, the crowded shuttle, and of course all phases of the launch are incredibly important to creating the aesthetic of the work.

Any new project forces us to balance our inspirations with innovating and creating something new. Luckily, when it comes to space, there are plenty of great reference points -- and limitless possibilities.

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