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Friday Five, Vol. 42

King Penguin Friday Five Volume 42 Logo Graphic

They're baaaack. Could we be talking about the infamous Roy family? Michael Myers and friends? The stars of the biggest hockey league on the planet? How about all of the above! Friday Five, Volume 42 is all about big returns, from beloved/loathed/feared TV characters to legendary musicians, a lot of our favorites are back this week, and we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate them!


Succession Season 3

The war for Waystar Royco is about to begin. We’ve already written about it once, but Succession’s third season kicks off this weekend, and this is the most excited we’ve been for a TV premiere in a long time. Season 2 of the hit HBO show is one of the great recent seasons of television, so we have high hopes for the Sunday night drama. Every aspect of Succession is incredible, from the writing to the acting to the music. The second the theme song hits, we are absolutely locked in. Each character is iconic, especially for such a short run of television, and they are all pretty equal parts despicable and lovable. Whether you are rooting for a character or loathe them, it is a gripping and entertaining watch. HBO has done it again with Succession, and we are very amped to finally get to see Season 3.

King Penguin Friday Five Succession
Courtesy: HBO

Halloween Kills

Somehow, some way, the Halloween franchise is back once again. Halloween Kills debuts this weekend, smack dab in the middle of Spooky Season, and it feels like it’s going to be a major topic of discussion for the next few weeks. We honestly can’t tell if this latest installment will be good, bad, or good-bad, but it’s definitely a massive release and a must-see event. Michael Myers is back (somehow?), Jamie Lee Curtis is back, and they’ve assembled a pretty great supporting cast around the main characters. The body count in the trailer alone is astonishing, so the movie definitely won’t be for the faint of heart. But it should be a lot of fun, especially on the big screen, and will likely make a LOT of money. The next few months mark the peak of Oscar Release season, but it’s always fun to mix in some popcorn thrillers. Halloween Kills won’t be receiving any awards buzz, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go check it out.

King Penguin Friday Five Halloween
Courtesy: Universal

The Record Company - Play Loud

After a little gap in our music release calendar, we finally got an album drop that we have been eagerly anticipating. The Record Company put out their latest, Play Loud, and we’ve had it on repeat for the last week. If you’re looking for a really solid hour of new, kind of gritty, upbeat rock, this is the album for you. There are good grooves throughout Play Loud, with some really solid guitar riffs and big drums that keep things moving. The lead vocals have a little bit of rasp to them that pairs well with the instrumentals, really completing the band’s sound. A few songs on the album also slow things down, leaning into a bit more of a bluesy side that we can certainly appreciate. As we look for music to listen to when we’re off the beach and layering up with a cocktail, this kind of gritty rock will always catch our ears. Lucky for us, we’ve got a whole album to keep us going.


The Velvet Underground

Speaking of rock, this week a legendary rock ‘n’ roll band finally gets a legendary documentary to match. The Velvet Underground finally releases today in theaters and Apple TV+, taking us on a deep dive into the history of the eponymous band. Todd Haynes’ doc has gotten rave reviews on the festival circuit, and we can’t wait to have Lou Reed and Co.’s music blasting at us from huge theater speakers. We admittedly don’t know a ton about the history of The Velvet Underground, beyond how their past is so intertwined with other bands from the era, so it’ll be really cool to see a solo feature on them. Haynes is a highly regarded filmmaker in his own right, so it’s not surprising people have spoken so highly of his first documentary effort. We love any good rock documentary that allows us to experience the music in a new, exciting way, so it should be a treat to see Lou Reed up on the big screen.

King Penguin Friday Five The Velvet Underground
Courtesy: Apple TV+

NHL Returns

King Penguin Friday Five NHL
Courtesy: Washington Capitals

We’re never ones to complain about having more sports to watch, and this week the NHL returns, adding to the already busy slate of MLB and NFL action. There have already been some thrilling games, including the debut of the brand new Seattle Kraken. After a switch in TV rights, there are games on TNT and ESPN this year, so it will be easier than ever to be a casual fan. Not to mention the TNT studio show, which features Wayne Gretzky, and promises the occasional Charles Barkley drop-in. The NHL keeps getting faster and more exciting, and the high speed, hard-hitting action is one of the most impressive things to watch in all of sports. There are also tons of great storylines this year: Tampa is going for a three-peat, Alex Ovechkin is climbing the all-time goal-scoring ranks, and a slew of young superstars are all vying to finally taste postseason success. Everyone seems to love playoff hockey, but there’s always great action in the regular season, and it’s finally that time of year once again.


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