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Friday Five, Vol. 45

King Penguin Friday Five Logo Graphic

It's officially time to turn back the clocks, which means that this is about to be the longest weekend of the year! While the days are going to get shorter, at least for this weekend, you get one extra hour to enjoy all of our great Friday Five content (or, you know, sleep). Do you like live music? Blockbuster movies? Kick ass design? Then this one is for you!



We’ve told you to see a lot of movies on the big screen this year, but if there’s one that you should really listen to us about, it’s probably Dune. The sci-fi epic, which already has a greenlit sequel, was made to be seen in theaters. There are amazing visual effects and sound design, and director Denis Villenueve really brought the world from the book to life. Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised given the director’s filmography, which includes one of the better science fiction dramas (Arrival) of the last few years. Aside from the director, the Dune cast definitely stands out amongst other franchise films. Timothee Chalamet, Oscar Isaac, Zendaya, and Jason Mamoa all add their acting talent and great vibes to the desert world, helping Villenueve do justice to such a beloved book. Considering Dune inspired so many of the films in the genre, including Star Wars, it was only a matter of time before the book became a massive tentpole film. While you can still watch it at home on HBO if you’d feel more comfortable, we’ll always recommend seeing a big sci-fi movie up on the biggest screen possible.

King Penguin Friday Five Dune
Courtesy: Warner Bros.

Mt. Joy - Live At Red Rocks

One of our favorite bands performed at one of our favorite venues, and now there’s an album from the show. What more could we ask for on a Friday? We’ve cleared most of our schedule this weekend so we’d have plenty of time to listen to Mt. Joy’s Red Rocks album on repeat. The legendary venue has such an incredible sound and atmosphere, which you can feel through the speakers. The band released “Astrovan” as a single from the album, and the crowd energy, along with an extra section of riffing and jamming, gave us even more reason to get excited for the whole album. While you will be able to hear the whole album streaming today, the physical copies will be delayed for a bit, but we hit that pre-order button due to some pretty incredible cover artwork. Find the loudest speakers you can and pencil in some freetime, because you’re gonna want to fully experience this album this weekend.


HBO’s Music Box

We love a good music documentary, and over the next six weeks, HBO will be rolling out enough to make our head spin. The network dropped a teaser for their Music Box series, which is a collection of six music documentaries all releasing before the end of the year. Executive produced by Bill Simmons through Ringer Films, the docs range in topic from Kenny G to DMC, covering a series of absolutely iconic artists spanning across genres. The first of the documentaries, Woodstock ‘99, is already streaming, and is quite a doozy. As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, we are ready to spend more and more time curled up and watching our TV. Starting on the 18th through the end of the year, it looks like we will be more than covered on the music documentary front. Until then, we will just play the teaser a few more times.

King Penguin Friday Five HBO Music Box
Courtesy: HBO


Sometimes, we like to just turn on the TV and not have to think. R-rated animated comedies often give us a great opportunity for that, and this week, Amazon dropped their new show Fairfax. Centered around a culture-shocked middle schooler that moves from Idaho to Los Angeles, the show definitely features a lot of mindless jokes made at the expense of LA and Gen Z. But even just in the trailer, the show is also jam-packed with background gags and other jokes that can only be made in an animated world. Where else are you going to see two stoned pigeons taking advantage of a Supreme clothing drop? The voice cast is also loaded with comic talent, featuring Jaboukie Young-White, J.B. Smoove, John Leguizamo, and recurring parts from Ben Schwartz, Zoey Deutch, and even Elliott Gould, among others. It might be juvenile, but sometimes we can all use some time off to kick back, relax, and make fun of Los Angeles stereotypes.

King Penguin Friday Five Fairfax
Courtesy: Prime Video

@duajisin (Andras Ferenczy)

We are always on the hunt for cool digital artists to follow, and this week, we hit gold. Andras Ferenczy, AKA @duajisin, has had a pretty cool evolution as an artist, and we are here for it. We loved the older work on the account, stylized with really distinct colors and lines, but the recently uploaded environments have been some of our favorite pieces from Ferenczy. In particular, “New Soho” jumped out at us. There are so many small details, and so much movement, that we just want to keep watching the short video on loop so we don’t miss anything. There’s also a focus on the future in Ferenczy’s work, and as you might have noticed with our excitement over Dune, the sci-fi elements of the designs really appeal to us. Of course, Ferenczy has gotten into the NFT game as well, and you can take your shot at purchasing some of these awesome renders. At the very least, give the account a follow, so you won't miss out any any cool new animations.


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