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Friday Five, Vol. 65

King Penguin Friday Five Volume 65 Logo Graphic

The first week of spring is officially in the books, and it was a good one. Some new tunes, new TV, and a mind-blowing sci-fi flick powered us through the week. Does any of that sound good to you? Well read on, because Volume 65 has you covered.


Mt. Joy - "Lemon Tree"

We’ve got good news on the first official Friday of Spring: Mt. Joy is back with a new single. The LA-based band is one of our favorites, and their new track “Lemon Tree” is appropriately a great sunny day jam. It’s super upbeat with the trademark Mt. Joy sound, due in large part to the vocals. “Lemon Tree” sounds almost like two different songs, as there’s a really cool change from the verses to the chorus, which makes you perk up when you’re listening. The dirty flanger effect on the guitar when the track picks up is fun, and all the instrumentation will get your head bopping. We can relate to the lyrics, too, because they’re about making the most of the day and having a good time. While we really can’t wait for the new album to drop, “Lemon Tree” will have to hold us over until then, and is sure to be in our regular rotation for quite some time.


Atlanta Season 3

Speaking of our favorites coming back, Atlanta is back for a third season after a long, four-year hiatus. The groundbreaking comedy/drama takes on Europe for its latest season, with the main trio hitting the road for a world tour. Donald Glover is one of our favorite creators working in any space right now, and his show is different from just about anything else on TV. It’s mind-blowing that Glover has been able to successfully dip into so many mediums, from straight comedy like Community, to his rap career as Childish Gambino, to the hybrid format of Atlanta. We’re on board with anything Glover makes, at least until he gives us reason not to be. The FX comedy also has a loaded cast, with Glover, Brian Tyree Henry, and Lakeith Stanfield leading the way, all of whom are incredibly talented. If you aren’t caught up yet, you also have two stellar seasons you can go binge on Hulu. The TV schedule is getting pretty packed, but now you have another must-watch show every Thursday night.

King Penguin Friday Five Atlanta
Courtesy: FX

Hilltop Hoods - "Show Business"

Sticking more on the hip-hop side of things, our favorite Aussie group has a new single out, and it is a jam. Hilltop Hoods’ “Show Business” starts off with a great piano and… kazoo? intro, and doesn’t let up after that. It’s another super upbeat track, perfect for this time of year. The days are longer, the sun is out, and the weather is warming up. After the intro, the flow is really fun, and the horns are killer. The lyrics talk about the highs and lows of show business, as well as finding the joy in your work and the grind. As people familiar with a version of that creative grind, it’s a great little soundtrack for our whole week.


Everything Everywhere All At Once

We don’t really know how to describe Everything Everywhere All At Once, other than to say it is an action/sci-fi/comedy that looks truly incredible. The directing pair Daniels is out with their latest creation, and it should be a wild ride. While all the superhero movies are in on the multi-verse, this original sci-fi project appears to handle it in a much more interesting way. The fast-paced trailer reminds us a bit of the first Matrix movie, which is obviously high praise. Not to mention the Kung-fu elements that elevate the project to the next level. And the cast! Michelle Yeoh brings skills she put on display in, above all else, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and now she’s acting across from other legends like James Hong and Jamie Lee Curtis. A24 has become a Goliath in the indie film world, and while we no longer love everything they make, this truly original story should drive people to the theaters.

King Penguin Friday Five Everything Everywhere All At Once
Courtesy: A24


Obi-Wan Kenobi

Going down a little mainstream sci-fi path, there’s also a new Star Wars show, Obi-Wan Kenobi, which debuts on Disney+ today. If you’ve lost track, Obi-Wan takes place between Episodes III and IV, as Obi-Wan keeps an eye on a young Luke Skywalker. Regardless of your feelings on Star Wars, the show might be worth checking out for the SFX. The saga has been at the forefront of technology in film and tv for decades, and it still holds true. While perhaps nothing will top the ingenuity of their LED virtual sets from The Mandalorian, we are excited to see what they’ve cooked up with the new show. Plus, it’s hard to not feel a little excited when “Duel of the Fates” drops in on a trailer.


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