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Friday Five, Vol. 67

King Penguin Friday Five Volume 67 Logo Graphic

We're riding out a heat wave here on the west coast, which really put us in the summertime mood this week -- and it shows in the Friday Five. We kick things off with some 90s sports legends, one of spring's biggest sporting events, and a jam that's sure to make it on all of our summer playlists. But don't worry, even if the weather hasn't warmed up for you yet, we've got something for everyone in Volume 67.


Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall Off

Once again, we kick things off by taking a closer look at someone who has truly mastered and revolutionized their craft. HBO’s latest documentary focuses on Tony Hawk’s rise to international superstardom, and all that came with it. Tony Hawk: Until The Wheels Fall Off follows the ups and downs of Hawk’s career, including the troubles that accompanied such early fame. Before Tony Hawk, it was pretty inconceivable that a skateboarder could be a global icon. But by pushing the envelope both on and off the board, Hawk achieved what was literally thought to be impossible. He defied physics, gravity, and common sense for so long, that it’s hard not to feel at least a little inspired by what he has managed to accomplish. Plus, the Tony Hawk video game series was a formative part of our youth. If we can take away anything from Tony Hawk, it’s that anything is possible if you just keep pushing for it.

King Penguin Friday Five Tony Hawk
Courtesy: HBOMax

The Masters

While we’re on the subject of 90’s sports icons, we have to acknowledge that Tiger Woods is miraculously playing at The Masters this week. Woods is back at Augusta just over a year after a car accident nearly ended his career. And somehow, at least through Day One, he’s competitive! But it’s not just Tiger. The Masters is really the first sign that spring is here for real every year (along with MLB Opening Day), and we can only hope that all this nice weather is here to stay. Every year we get iconic moments and new storylines, and whoever wins gets a defining moment for the rest of their career. The Masters is golf’s biggest tournament for a reason. You can just feel the history through your TV. And even the casual viewer can find something to get excited about once Sunday rolls around.

King Penguin Friday Five The Masters
Courtesy: The Masters

Surfaces - “I Can’t Help But Feel”

If you’re looking for something other than golf to get you into the sunny weather mood, Surfaces has a new jam that’ll be in our rotation through the summer. “I Can’t Help But Feel” launches right into things with the first beat, drawing you in early and never letting go. There are cool, electronic horns throughout that offer a fun element, as well as some percussion breakdowns in the middle. The beat keeps humming throughout the song, and it really feels like summertime. We loved Surfaces last album, which also made an appearance in the Friday Five last year, and the hits just keep on rolling. Now, as we’re building out warm weather playlists, we have to keep in mind tracks that work while we’re at our desk, at the beach, or at the bar. Whether the sun is shining or not, “I Can’t Help But Feel” will get you feeling like it’s sunny and 75.


Tokyo Vice

It’s a good time to be a fan of the gritty crime genre, because we’ve sure got a lot of great stuff coming our way. This week, it’s Tokyo Vice hitting HBOMax with a three-episode debut. Maybe most exciting? Michael Mann is back in the crime genre! The iconic Heat director executive produced the series, and came on to direct the pilot episode. JT Rogers adapted Jake Adelstein’s book of the same name, and is based on the true story of Adelstein’s time as a crime reporter in Japan. Adelstein embedded himself with the vice squad of Tokyo’s police department, and the show takes the viewer into the Japanese criminal underworld through his eyes. Ken Watanabe stars alongside Ansel Elgort, and based on the trailer alone, it looks like he really crushes the role. We admittedly aren’t huge Elgort fans, but it seems like there’s enough talent both in front of and behind the camera that we can get over it. And who knows, once the show is over, we might have another book to add to our reading list!

King Penguin Friday Five Tokyo Vice
Courtesy: HBOMax

All the Old Knives

Ok so we couldn’t resist pitching one more spy thriller this week, because we really can’t get enough. Chris Pine, Thandie Newton, and Laurence Fishburne headline a star-studded cast in All The Old Knives. Yet another book adaptation, this Amazon Prime feature takes us into a mole hunt within the CIA. It drops in theaters and on streaming today, so you can get another heart-pounding thriller without having to leave the comfort of your own couch. Also, it clocks in under two hours, which means the pace will be right in our wheelhouse. Who knows, we might have to start a King Penguin Book Club with all of these literary adaptations we’re featuring! But we can save that until we’re all looking for beach reads over the summer. Until then, we’ve got plenty of thrills on streaming to keep us occupied.

King Penguin Friday Five All The Old Knives
Courtesy: Amazon Prime Video


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