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Friday Five, Vol. 68

We're not sure what's in the air this week, but we were all about the heart-pounding action, and it shows in Volume 68. Whether it was blockbusters, documentaries, live sports, or even our music selection, we were looking for something to get us a little more amped up. So get up, get active, and enjoy this week's Friday Five.



It’s only April, but Summer Blockbuster Season might officially be here. Michael Bay, the king of the genre, is back with what appears to be an absolute thrill ride. Ambulance is part heist movie, part chase movie, and part shootout, combining three of our favorite genres all into one. The movie has a stellar cast, led by standouts Jake Gyllenhaal, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and Eiza Gonzalez. Bay is a bit controversial because of the up-and-down quality of his movies, but at his best, he’s one of action’s greatest directors. And this looks like it could be up there with peak-Bay. Big, loud action movies are a summer staple, and Ambulance definitely looks like it’ll play best on a big screen. So whether you are trying to avoid some spring heat or looking for something to do on a chilly April day, head to a movie theater near you and check it out.

King Penguin Friday Five Ambulance
Courtesy: Universal Pictures


If more toned-down, real-world action is your thing, then Waterman might be a better choice for your weekend. Waterman is a new documentary on the king of modern surfing, Hawaiian legend Duke Kahanamoku. Duke brought surfing into the mainstream, and to the mainland, but also did much more than that. He was an incredible Olympic athlete who broke down barriers just like Jesse Owens, and was a real-life hero, saving countless lives in the water. We are amateur surfers ourselves, so we love to dive into any and all surf content out there (pun fully intended). Waterman got some huge names on board for the doc, with Jason Mamoa narrating and Kelly Slater in as a talking head. Even if you’re in cold weather, you can kick back and pretend to be on a beach in Hawaii this weekend while you take in the legend of The Duke.

King Penguin Friday Five Waterman
Courtesy: Waterman

NBA Playoffs

King Penguin Friday Five NBA Playoffs
Courtesy: Minnesota Timberwolves

Still haven’t had your fill of superhuman athletic performances? Lucky for you, the NBA playoffs have arrived. The Play-In round has already provided some electric moments, especially in Minnesota, where the Timberwolves pulled off an emotional win against the Clippers. We definitely have an eye on their first series, for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is seeing what Ja Morant can do in his second playoff run. We clearly can’t get enough of his game, considering we already did a Sport Science on him. Beyond Memphis-Minnesota, there are just so many great storylines. Can Chris Paul get over the hump and help Phoenix run the table? Will Giannis and the Bucks repeat? Which Eastern Conference superstar duo will come out on top? The Nets-Celtics matchup also has as much drama as any soap opera, as Kyrie Irving returns to Boston and Ben Simmons possibly debuts. There’s more parity in the league now than there has been in quite a few years, so we are pumped up for the next couple months of NBA basketball.


The Outlaws

Finally, we are going to take you away from all the sports and action, and settle into some dark British comedy. Stephen Merchant, who co-created the British version of The Office, has a new show on Amazon called The Outlaws. While less action-packed than our other entries so far, it might not totally get your heartrate down – but it should at least give you some laughs while you’re watching. Christopher Walken is back, this time on the small screen, and leads a band of delinquent misfits through the series. There’s a fun blend of genres going on, as there’s some crime, some drama, and lots of degenerate comedy. The trailer alone has some good laughs, which is hopefully a good sign for the rest of the series. All six episodes of the first season are out, and they’re each an hour long, so you’ve got some quality binge time ahead of you if you’ve got nowhere else to be.

King Penguin Friday Five The Outlaws
Courtesy: Amazon Prime

Big Gigantic & Kota the Friend - “Deja Vu”

We’re switching up genres a bit this week with a jam from Big Gigantic and Kota the Friend, but it still fits right in with the vibes that we’re all about at King Penguin. There’s a catchy beat that hooks you right away, with a lot of fun auxiliary sounds peppered throughout. Plus, the lyrics are about hustling and grinding and trying to make it, which we can definitely relate to. But even more importantly, it’s about throwing yourself and your passion 100% behind whatever you are doing, which can sometimes get lost in our day-to-day. It’s a good song for cruising around or to have on a party playlist, and once you listen to it a few times, it can probably become a work song, too. You just have to let yourself really sink into the beat, but once you’re there, you can get into quite a zone. It kept us inspired this week, and hopefully you guys can find a playlist to put it on somewhere, too.


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